About us

Our mission is simple – to keep home and business computers clean of viruses and other malware without slowing down system performance.

A few facts:

  • The company was established in 1999.

  • We are headquartered in St. Petersburg.

  • We are a small team of security professionals focused on effective protection against viruses and cybercrime.

  • Our core technologies include antivirus, firewall, proactive protection, web and email filtering, intrusion detection, antispam, and more.

  • The Outpost product line has won many awards, including multiple Virus Bulletin certifications (VB100%).

  • We focus on R&D, not marketing, and our goal is always to protect computers without getting in the way of their users.

  • Because Agnitum is a technology-driven company our technologies are in demand and currently used by top security players, Agnitum protects more than 300 million users around the world.

Our values

With 15 years of experience behind us, we know that security software must be:




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Outpost technologies are integrated into multiple partners’ security products:

Agnitum operates a global network of resellers and distributors to enable customers around the world to buy our products in their local areas. Agnitum partners with service providers across the globe to deliver the Outpost AV Service, a subscription-based SaaS solution, to Internet users everywhere.

Experts’ recognition:

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July 29, 2014 — Agnitum’s Outpost Security Suite keeps up solid performance in VB100 tests under Windows 7

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