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Our mission is simple – to keep home and business computers clean of viruses and other malware without slowing down system performance.

A few facts:

  • The company was established in 1999.

  • We are headquartered in St. Petersburg.

  • We are a small team of security professionals focused on effective protection against viruses and cybercrime.

  • Our core technologies include antivirus, firewall, proactive protection, web and email filtering, intrusion detection, antispam, and more.

  • The Outpost product line has won many awards, including multiple Virus Bulletin certifications (VB100%).

  • We focus on R&D, not marketing, and our goal is always to protect computers without getting in the way of their users.

  • Because Agnitum is a technology-driven company our technologies are in demand and currently used by top security players, Agnitum protects more than 300 million users around the world.

Our values

With 15 years of experience behind us, we know that security software must be:




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Outpost technologies are integrated into multiple partners’ security products:

Avanquest Software, a world leading developer and publisher of utility, small business and consumer software, licensed Agnitum’s antispyware engine.

"Agnitum is doing good job in the antimalware field. Licensing their technology strengthens our security product line."

Kevin Bromber
VP Business Development
Avanquest Software

AVAST Software, the makers of avast! Antivirus, protects over 170 million users around the world, and has integrated Outpost’s firewall and content filtering technology into its all-in-one Internet security solution.

"Agnitum’s personal firewall technology has long been the standard by which others are judged, and we are pleased to be able to enhance our users’ Internet security protection with this proven solution."

Ondrej Vlcek
AVAST Software

AVG Technologies, developers of one of the world’s leading security and anti-virus software, has adopted Outpost’s firewall and proactive protection components into its all-in-one security solution.

"Agnitum Outpost offers robust and reliable firewall technology which we are pleased to be utilising within our offering."

Karel Obluk
VP of R&D
AVG Technologies

Buhl Data Service GmbH, one of the biggest software publishers in Germany, markets re-branded Outpost Firewall Pro on the German retail market.

"We signed a contract with Agnitum because we were looking for a partner with which we can pursue our technology leadership for a long time in the German-speaking market."

Thomas Becker
Marketing Director
Buhl Data Service GmbH

BullGuard specializes in PC & mobile security solutions for home-users and small-businesses, emphasizing technical excellence, ease-of-use and customer-care.

"BullGuard chose Outpost Firewall because of its consistently high scores in our in-house evaluations and the high regard with which the product is held amongst both users and reviewers worldwide. By combining the solid firewall engine technology offered by Agnitum, our user-interface and the unique BullGuard components offered in BullGuard Internet Security, we believe we have the strongest PC security suites available on the market today."

Alexander Staun-Rechnitzer
Head of the Mobile Division

Cat Computer Services ® Ltd. is a leading anti-virus software developer from India.

"We are delighted to partner with Agnitum to offer our customers the most advance firewall technology to protect their PCs against most Internet threats."

Sanjay Katkar
Chief technology officer
Cat Computer Services ® Ltd.

Defenx SA, a Switzerland-based IT service company, provider of Defenx Antivirus and Security Suite, licensed Agnitum’s solutions as a foundation for its security offering.

"We are happy to choose Agnitum as a strategic partner and we fully rely on this company’s experience in the security industry and their proven technology."

Domenico Barella
VP Sales

Lavasoft, the pioneer and worldwide leader in anti-spyware solutions, markets re-branded Outpost Firewall Pro as Lavasoft Personal Firewall product.

"We were pleased to partner with Agnitum to offer customers a more comprehensive security suite."

Fernando Francisco
Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

Novell has chosen the firewall engine of Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro for the Novell Client Firewall, part of the BorderManager network security application.

"In a huge market space, Agnitum is a golden nugget among a pile of rocks. Novell and our customers have been extremely pleased with the feature richness and ease of use that Agnitum delivers. Their design excellence and code maturity allowed Novell to get to market quickly with a top-notch solution."

Scott Jones
Product Line Manager
Novell, Inc.

OPSWAT is the leading provider of software management and security technologies. OPSWAT’s solutions are simplified and comprehensive, solving complex development problems to reduce time and costs for engineering and testing teams.

"By partnering with Agnitum we are able to increase the value of our multi-scanning solutions to provide our customers with the most effective security available. We continually strive to deliver the optimal anti-malware solutions to our customers, significantly increasing their detection rates while making the most of their system resources. Our customers expect the highest level of security and our partnership with Agnitum helps us to deliver on those expectations."

Tony Berning
Product Manager

Proland Software has over nineteen years of experience in designing, developing and supporting antivirus software products for Windows OS. Protector Plus, its leading brand of antivirus products, is well-known throughout the world, and has users in over 100 countries.

"Agnitum’s security technology has enriched our product offering with brand-new Windows 8-compatible security. We are positive that this technology partnership will be beneficial for both sides and will provide Proland customers with the most reliable and lightweight protection on the market."

Sundar Rajan
Proland Software

In early 2009 Agnitum licensed Outpost technology to Security Code company (InfoSecurity group), a leading Russian provider of hardware and software for information system security. Based on Outpost comprehensive solution, Agnitum and Security Code developed the Security Studio Endpoint Protection product, which was certified by FSTEK (Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) in 2010.

"When choosing the technology to implement we found it key to deliver an out-of-the-box endpoint solution that would ensure solid protection in the first place, as it’s more important to prevent cyber-attacks than "cure" infections."

Alexander Shirmanov
Director General
Security Code

Sophos have incorporated Agnitum’s award-winning Outpost Firewall Pro source code into a new integrated client firewall solution.

"After an extensive search for world-class personal firewall technology, we determined that Agnitum would be the best partner for us. The excellent quality and features of the Outpost firewall will allow Sophos to deliver best-of-breed protection to our users."

Gary Thomassen
Head of Product Management

Unistal, founded in 1994, is the market leader in software product and application development. Since then Unistal’s data care, data security products and data recovery services deliver cutting edge solutions.

"Unistal has signed a five-year cooperation agreement with Agnitum as a reliable security software vendor and innovative business partner. We are sure that Agnitum’s experience in the security industry will benefit our customers and open new horizons for Unistal’s business development."

Pankaj Mathur
Unistal Systems

VirusBuster, a Hungary-based company with international reputation in the field of IT security, used Agnitum’s security suite as a basis for its own all-in-one solution.

"Agnitum is a long-term partner for us. Our close cooperation in technology has been to mutual benefit. The result: solid security suite solutions by Agnitum and VirusBuster."

Péter Agócs
Director of research
VirusBuster Ltd.

Agnitum operates a global network of resellers and distributors to enable customers around the world to buy our products in their local areas. Agnitum partners with service providers across the globe to deliver the Outpost AV Service, a subscription-based SaaS solution, to Internet users everywhere.


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