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Agnitum's Vision


Our vision is to protect online and network security for computer users.


It is our fundamental mission to make every network - home, office, internet - a safer place for computer users. To this end, we apply our best efforts and skills to the development of superior security software through state-of-the-art technology, innovation and leadership.


The internet is by its very nature a place that everyone, regardless of culture, language or social status, may use freely. Unfortunately, that freedom can be deliberately or accidentally misdirected or damaged by security incidents that can cause chaos and damage to unsuspecting users with internet connections.

Cyberspace criminals do not differ much from those in the brick and mortal world. Virtual thieves and vandals do not need exceptional skills to violate users' privacy, steal personal or confidential data, or crash computer systems. As the internet grows, so do the number of users, and subsequently the number of security incidents.

We at Agnitum believe deeply in a safe Internet for everyone. It is our promise to keep users protected from security threats, no matter when, where, or from whom they might originate.

We respect our users

We respect our users and their feedback, which helps us to deliver products that meet all our users' requirements and expectations. It is our goal to make our interactions with our customers as easy, fast and fruitful as they can be.

We respect our colleagues

We do not view other internet security companies as our competitors but as our colleagues in the fight against cybercrime. We value others' input into improved internet security and, if our colleagues need our help in resolving a particular security issue, we are always ready to discuss partnership opportunities.

We respect our employees

Agnitum's employees are our most valuable asset. Our team has proved we can develop the most effective security software and it is a pleasure to work with such professionals every day. Agnitum follows the highest ethical standards and respects the individuality of each team member. We support the leadership goals, innovations and professional development of each employee.

We keep customers privacy

We will always apply the highest ethical standards when dealing with our customers' private information. Agnitum licenses software products, not its customers. 

Future Plans

Our future plans are to keep pace with market demands for security software by increasing our product line and its functionality. We strive constantly to maintain industry leadership in Network and Internet Security.


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