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Congratulations to the winners of Outpost Pro - Windows 7 Story contest! Check your mailbox to find emails from Agnitum! Your prizes are waiting for you.

Many thanks to all the participants including those who are not in the top 10! The choice was really hard and our panel of judges had debated a lot before announcing the winners.

Anyway we appreciate your input and will use your stories as valuable proof of our competence!

Here we publish top 3 stories (slightly abridged and corrected) by our winners from the US, Finland and Brazil, respectively.

Yours, Agnitum Team

Winning stories:

I have been using Windows 7 RC 64 bit for about 4 months now and needed a firewall suite...
After only two days of using the trial, I was so taken by the quality of the software that I had to buy it...
Recently bought a laptop and put Windows 7 on it then decided to test the Outpost Security Suite Pro and I was amazed...


From the US User:

I have been using Windows 7 RC 64 bit for about 4 months now and needed a firewall suite that would be compatible with this system. I work for a cable company and the software suite that they provide is not compatible with Windows 7 RC 64 bit. I looked at the reviews on almost every security site that was out there. I have an Associates in IT Networking/Security Management and seeing the reviews, I decided to try Outpost Security Pro 2009 6.7.

I installed it without a hitch and started to play around and was amazed at the protection that it provided. I used several 3rd party security check sites and they all returned with great results. I am also an avid online gamer of Guild Wars and upon attempting to play this game in full screen, I got the dreaded BSOD. Now I knew it was working before in full screen and the only thing that changed was that I installed Outpost. So I setup Guild Wars to play in Windowed mode and it functioned perfectly. So I contacted the support during the weekend by e-mail and they were prompt on Monday. He had me rename one file that was a 32 bit file and wanted me to let him know if it worked or not. I attempted it in full screen mode and it worked like a champ.

There were no annoying pop-ups about the file being changed (since it does updates almost daily) and played smoothly. I let the tech support know of the temporary work around and they said they will let me know when it is corrected. I have used several different Firewall suites and by far this one has had the best tech support and software. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that is running Windows 7 RC 64 bit.

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From the Finnish User:

For a long time in my life, I didn’t care about having any protection software on my computer. All the software I tried just didn’t seem to do anything. One day a good friend of mine proposed Outpost Security Suite Pro, which I wasn’t sure that I’d like or if it would even work at all. I had recently started using the new Windows 7 RC, so I was ready for some problems. Nevertheless, I decided to give the software a try. To my surprise it installed without any problems and after looking around in the options I fell in love with it.

After only two days of using the trial, I was so taken by the quality of the software that I had to buy it. In just two days the software had shown me what I had been missing throughout the years without any protection. This time I actually felt that it was doing something other than stealing my computer’s resources. The software gave me excellent control over programs and how they connected to the internet. I didn’t even know some of the programs were calling "home". This already made me feel so much safer and all the programs that required internet access worked as smoothly as they would have without any protection. Unlike before, I now had full control over the software on my computer. Everything was working as smooth as before, no; in fact, it was working smoother than before as I now had total control over my whole system.

Usually, this would be the point where the text would be over, but it’s not. Not only does the Outpost Security Suite Pro protect my computer from digital issues like viruses and other malware or the unwelcome internet access from software, but it also protects one’s eyes and mind from the annoyance of the internet. "What annoyance", you might be thinking right now. This annoyance is all over the internet, but we have grown to accept it as a part of daily life. Not anymore, now I can say good bye to advertisements in the internet, and also to the annoying SPAM that loves to fill my inbox and through which I would have to go and search for something worth reading. All this came with just a few clicks and my mind could relax. As there isn’t as much to load anymore, I can surf and read my e-mails at an even faster speed than I could before.

No matter what the danger is, I feel protected, but at the same time I am still in control of my system, even better than before.

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From the Brazilian User:

I am running Windows 7 a few months ago and I liked a lot. Even it is more secure than its predecessors is not good protection without getting in the net and is not any program I install on my computer. Only install programs with excellent concepts in the network.

Had heard of the Outpost firewall, but had not yet experienced. Recently bought a laptop and put Windows 7 on it then decided to test the Outpost Security Suite Pro and I was amazed.

Outpost Security Suite Pro did not affect the performance of the notebook and found several spyware that my antivirus had not detected earlier, and also have the best firewall of today.

Efficiently detect the threats on my PC and monitor resident spoke only if you need to take any decision thus ensuring an excellent performance without becoming "boring".

Not expected to have a very good compatibility between Windows 7 and Outpost Security Suite Pro, since both are new versions, but was completely wrong, as Windows 7 and Outpost Security Suite Pro seems to have been tailored to ensure perfect safety in any situation.

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