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How Outpost 7.5 secures your PC?

Introduction to modern threats

As the penetration of internet accessibility grows and folks are turning to the Net for all imaginable services, an armada of skilled cybercriminals has invaded the web and targets users’ private data. Forget about ethical viruses and bragging-rights hoaxes of the past, they have almost disappeared. Nowadays, everything involves financial gains, fraud and ID compromises.

Intruders are after your financial reports, your credit card numbers, your access credentials to bank and brokerage accounts. Passwords to social networking sites, gaming and instant messenger accounts are also in great demand, as well as photos and videos of your private life. Your every erroneous move is brutally penalized by the merciless attackers. Miscreants devise new ways and techniques to get hold of your data. More sophisticated and advanced attacks are meticulously planned and carried out by multinational cyber operations. In developing countries, professional programmers and zero-day vulnerability hunters can earn much better pay on mafia orders writing exploits code than they would have got from legitimate employers.

Nevertheless, to mount an adequate response is never too late. As we all know, the most important element in the security chain is a user himself, who should take proactive role to learn and follow the safe Internet usage practices. Simply not opening email attachments from unknown people, ignoring "renew your password" phishing solicitations, staying away from dubious websites, regularly installing program and antivirus updates and downloading files only from reputable sources could be a big contribution to overall safety.

As the second tier of defense, reliable and efficient security software is a "must-have" to complement your efforts.

The Outpost 7.5 Solution

Outpost Security Suite Pro delivers comprehensive, multilayered protection against all possible Internet risks. Its ample functionality ensures threats are confronted at all stages down their conceivable propagation route — from initial contact to potential data theft or compromise.

Let’s take a look at what tools and mechanisms are available to challenge the threats as they occur. The chart below briefly lists all protection mechanisms that activate in succession to prevent breaches:

4-level Internet security of Outpost 7.5 Pro

Level 1 — Contact Prevention
(shielding protected system against potential contact with malware)

Web antivirus checks content on the visited web sites (executable scripts, HTML code and third-party plug-ins) to prevent malicious commands that could lead to infections.

Resident virus scanner controls file and system activity to ensure malicious elements are not running. It also checks file attachments and connected drives (USB flash storage devices, DVDs, network disks) to keep them clean of malware.

Firewall shields vulnerable ports and services. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) deters typical network attacks.

Ethernet defense guards networks against eavesdropping, illicit connections and data interceptions.

Antispam prevents junk emails from going to inbox.

URL blacklist blocks known infective web sites from being visited.

Active Content selectively blocks potentially unsafe web scripts, flash animations and other code from executing.

Stop-words are simple text entries that could be compiled to prevent a user from visiting web pages containing these words (either found in the URL addresses or the main body of the page).

Level 2 — Infection Prevention
(ensuring the system doesn’t get infected)

System Guard protects the integrity of vital system files and settings against access or misuse.

Self-Protection ensures Outpost protection cannot be shut down as a result of a malicious attack.

The Anti-leak feature guards against malicious impact on legitimate programs. It prevents the loading of drivers and ensures malware can’t tamper with legitimate applications.

Component control ensures legitimate modules are not exploited or hijacked, and keeps tabs on the launch of new processes.

File and Folder Lock prevents access to custom locations on the disk, and can safeguard selected folders and files against improper access.

On-access scanner is another name for resident antivirus — it checks all objects being accessed by a user or the OS. This occurs before the monitored object is activated.

USB virus protection module controls the autorun function of USB storage devices according to several scenarios (from total access blocking to restricting selected executable files and scripts) and prevents proliferation of malware via removable drives.

SmartDecision, a new non-signature antivirus engine which provides visual advice and thus facilitates decision-making upon security issues by measuring risks and evaluating safety levels for every suspicious file or event.

Level 3 — Resident Protection
(maintaining secure operation of protected computer)

VB100-certfied on-demand scanner regularly checks typical system areas where malware could land, plus it can perform scans of locations defined by users.

HAX engine (Heuristics Analyzer for Exploits) checks new autorun objects against potential disruptive activity.

Any suspicious object could be deactivated and allocated to the Process Quarantine for later scrutiny of its legitimacy.

As an analysis tool, process and network activity view lists all active programs and connections, with an option to create a new policy or instantly shut down the offensive object.

File and registry activity tool offers to zoom in to the activity of any running process and evaluate its impact on the system in real-time.

ImproveNet helps create and update secure firewall and Proactive Protection policies.

Log viewer keeps history of past connections.

USB virus protection — malware checks on external USB devices are initiated right after they are identified by the system.

Level 4 — Data Leak Prevention
(keeping private data in a safe way by preventing outbound access)

The Anti-leak feature prevents keylogger-type malware instances from capturing user keystrokes.

Application Guard protects internal data (such as passwords, browsing history, bookmarks and cookie files) belonging to many well-known Internet applications, ensuring they are stored safe and can’t be hijacked by malware.

ID block prevents predefined entries from leaving the protected PC (credit card numbers, login passwords, etc.).

File and Folder Lock lets you block access to custom data stored on your PC and prevent other users (family members, colleagues) from viewing protected contents.

Firewall guards outbound connections.

IP Blocklist denies access to custom unwanted web sites.

In the follow-up document, we’ll tell how all these powerful protection instruments could be applied in practice to reliably defend your PC in all possible malware attacks scenarios.


Internet threats are growing in number and sophistication. Both the responsible and educated PC usage and reliable security solution should be in place to minimize the risks. Outpost Security Suite Pro offers diversified defense instruments to tackle possible intrusion at all levels.

Outpost 7.5
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