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The Benefits of being a Registered Outpost User

There are so many products on the market these days that claim to protect you when you’re online. Every product seems to do everything possible to keep your system safe, making it completely impossible to compare the features and benefits of each. Even editors and other technical experts find it increasingly difficult to differentiate between all of these products, so what hope is there for ordinary users?

As the developers and providers of Outpost Security Suite Pro and Outpost Firewall Pro, we’d like to introduce you to a few important reasons why you should consider becoming a registered user of our product and a customer of Agnitum.

As a registered user of Outpost Security Suite Pro or Outpost Firewall Pro, you will receive the following services automatically included with the purchase price of the software:

+ Spyware definition updates
To extend your protection beyond the traditional anti-virus risks, Agnitumís research lab distributes regular signature updates for spyware, adware, keyloggers, trojans, hoaxes and other related malware.

+ Firewall rule distribution
The biggest cause of firewall failure is misconfiguration of rules, so Agnitumís ImproveNet service makes sure that you have the maximum possible number of pre-tested rules for application Internet connectivity at your disposal. ImproveNet automatically applies fully-tested rules to optimize your firewall access policies.

+ Application fingerprinting
Outpost authenticates applications based on the advanced SHA-256 standard to ensure that only applications you trust are allowed to run on your machine. This enables Outpost to uniquely identify a file/program and deliver the appropriate usage rule via ImproveNet. Unlike the more common MD5 algorithm used by most firewalls, SHA-256 eliminates the possibility of spoofing, which means that no malware can bypass Outpost protection.

+ Host Protection updates
Outpostís Host Protection protects you against unknown and zero-day threats by performing behavior analysis on your system. To minimize the number of «allow or block» questions posed by the firewall, the Host Protection module is regularly updated with predefined rulesets for activities commonly occurring on your system.

+ Web site blacklist updates
To ensure you donít accidentally become infected by visiting an infected website, Outpostís Site Blacklist is updated daily with details of the most recently discovered Internet hosts with a history of malicious activity, such as propagating botnets, accumulating stolen passwords, distributing spam, and phishing emails.

+ Ad network updates
Outpostís ad blocking function spares you from irritating ad banners and other Internet clutter as you surf; the list of ad networks detected is updated regularly to minimize interruptions from these nuisances.

Outpost Security Suite Pro users additionally receive the following benefit:

+ Daily anti-virus updates
As new types of malicious programs emerge, itís vital to keep your protection up to date. Daily virus definition updates ensure your anti-virus scanner stays current. Outpost Security Suite Pro virus definition updates come to you directly from our partner, award-winning anti-virus developer Virus Buster.

Every aspect of your Outpost software is constantly being updated by our dedicated security engineers to keep your security optimized to the highest level. When you purchase Outpost, youíre not just buying a software product; youíre buying access to your own personal team of security experts.

How much is it worth to you to keep your PC safe?

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