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Outpost 7.5
Key Features
Outpost 7.5

Why Agnitum Outpost Security?

Agnitum has been on the market since 1999 starting with anti-hacker and anti-spyware tools which evolved into one of the most acclaimed firewall products — Outpost Firewall Pro in 2002. Outpost began to pick up awards and global recognition very soon after its launch, largely because it has continually adhered to the company’s goal of combining ease of use with high levels of protection including Proactive protection against zero-day threats and data leaks.

With new layers of defense added every year, Outpost turned into an anti-virus brand by 2007 having encompassed all existing technologies to resist web-borne threats including viruses, spyware, spam and intrusions, just to name a few. Today’s Outpost Pro is a product line comprised of Outpost Firewall, Outpost Antivirus and Agnitum’s flagship Outpost Security Suite Pro. What’s special about these?

#1 Compare Outpost to VB100-certified competitors *

Vendor Products Personal firewall Score for proactive protection ** User’s files privacy tool Extended OS security tools Cloud protection technology
Agnitum Outpost Security Suite 7.5 Yes 97% (Excellent) Yes Since 2003 Since 2006
Avast Avast Internet Security 6.0 Yes 15% (None) No Since 2009 Since 2009
AVG AVG Internet Security 2011 Yes 3% (None) No Since 2009 Since 2010
Avira Premium Security Suite 10.0 Yes 3% (None) No Since 2009 Since 2009
BitDefender Internet Security 2011 Yes 84% (Very good) No Since 2009 Since 2009
Eset Nod32 Smart Security 4.2 Yes 6% (None) No No Since 2009
F-Secure Internet Security 2011 Yes 9% (None) Yes Since 2009 Since 2009
G Data Internet Security 2011 Yes 2% (None) No No Since 2008
Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2011 Yes 92% (Excellent) Yes Since 2005 Since 2008
Symantec Norton Internet Security 2011 Yes 40% (Very poor) Yes Since 2007 Since 2008
ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 9.3 Yes 66% (Good) Yes Since 2003 Since 2008

* Panda, Dr.Web and Trend Micro do not participate in VB100 tests. Lavasoft Ad-Aware, McAfee and Comodo Internet Security failed most of the latest 6 VB100 reports (as of May 2011).

** according to Matousec.com testing results.

#2 A few facts to learn about Outpost Security

Impregnable anti-leak defense
Outpost solutions have revealed very close to 100% results in all existing independent so-called leak tests and killing tests while the big brands could hardly hit the 50% security plank.

As PC Answers magazine stated about Outpost: "If you want rock-solid security with the ability to tweak and tune, you’ll find plenty to love here."

Pioneer in cloud security
Back in 2006, a few years before cloud computing turned into a buzzword, Outpost implemented ImproveNet technology based on the same interactive principle, ensuring convenient rules and settings were safely distributed across the network. ImproveNet brings along more security and fewer program requests!

According to Smart Computing (US), "Outpost is a well-regarded firewall that can keep your system safe with a minimum amount of intrusion."

Extended ID theft prevention — easy as ABC
Outpost was among the first security solutions to reap the benefits of protecting private content stored by Internet applications. Outpost’s Application Guard restricts access to personal user data for unrelated apps thus making it impossible to steal a password via a compromised program’s request.

Quick malware checks are real
Before Agnitum’s SmartScan technology the industry’s idea of "quick scan" was somewhat close to "an hour or so". With Outpost’s performance-oriented technology all subsequent malware checks take just a few instants due to smart handling of previously gathered statistics.

64-bit security — not alleged but tangible
Outpost was one of the first security solutions specifically designed to address the needs of 64-bit systems. 64-bit security was taken seriously — not as an "add-on" to once ubiquitous 32-bits.

Best value for money
Match the power of Outpost’s protective arsenal with Agnitum’s bargain prices. We are for affordable and well-weighed security!

Moreover, Outpost protection is available with lifetime licenses! Yes, buy once and never pay for updates again. Perpetual renewals and support guaranteed!

As a reviewer from Personal Computer World (UK) noted: "When you take into account how cheap Outpost is compared to rival suites offering similar functionality, it’s an excellent way to secure your PC."

#3 Outpost’s Awards

Outpost Security products have reaped multiple independent certifications and have been enthusiastically acknowledged by the user community for a number of reasons:

VB100 award Agnitum’s Outpost has been among the top antivirus software to receive consecutive VB100 certifications (under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003/2008, 7) leaving behind in various tests such industry leaders as Microsoft, PC Tools, Comodo, etc. Outpost’s record score is 12 VB100 awards with 6 VB100 in a row.
Matousec.com 144/148   Outpost Firewall Pro and Outpost Security Suite have topped Matousec test chart for many years showing superb proactive protection capabilities and excellent resistance to leak tests.

Facing sophisticated 0-day threats, even such acclaimed security professionals as ESET, McAfee, TrendMicro and ZoneAlarm only endeavor to struggle out of the red zone.
Gold Performance On-Access Award   The majority of competing solutions, participating in Anti-Malware.ru tests (for instance, McAfee, Trend Micro, PC Tools, Panda and Microsoft) are left behind by Outpost in response to malware attacks.

Whatever tricks malicious software may use, Outpost delivers fast on-access scanning with great malware detection accuracy.
Gold Performance On-Demand Award   SmartScan technology dramatically reduces scanning times by caching previous check results and handling new file modifications. Recognized by test labs, amplified in Outpost 7.5, the speedy feature is worth giving a try!
Gold Performance Office Software Award   Outpost demonstrates light PC resource consumption. You can easily work with the majority of office applications without any system slowdowns.
Softpedia Pick 5/5   Extended ability to tweak and tune coupled with a nice layout and transparency have won many friends to Outpost solutions. Just check it out for yourself!

Outpost 7.5
Key Features
Outpost 7.5
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