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Outpost Suite regains top position in Matousec Proactive Security Challenge with Outpost 7

Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.0 scores 97% in the latest 148 tests

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, June 30, 2010 — The security experts at Agnitum, developers of the Outpost Pro security product line, are pleased to announce the successful performance of the new Outpost Security Suite Pro (OSS) 7.0 in the Proactive Security Challenge at Matousec.com. OSS received an astounding 97% score, reached the 10+ level, and was awarded with "Excellent" and "Recommended" ratings.

Matousec 143/148Matousec.com is best-known for leak tests, tests that attempts to send data to Internet servers without appropriate permissions. To reach this high level of effectiveness in leak-tests as well as termination, self-protection, spying, autorun, and performance tests, OSS 7.0 beat out more than 15 other personal firewalls and security suites. Participants in the latest Proactive Security Challenge test set included Internet Security suites from ZoneAlarm, PC Tools, Norton, Panda, BitDefender, Avast!, McAfee, and Trend Micro, all of which received a "Not recommended" rating by Matousec.com.

Matousec.com has recently implemented a new, even stricter and more challenging, testing methodology and an extended test set (148 tests), described on the researcher’s website. Outpost also outperformed another 15+ competing products tested only against the older 84-test set — ZoneAlarm Free, Threatfire Free, Avira Premium, F-Secure, ESET, Sunbelt, CA, Kingsoft, Rising, and other well-known Internet security suites scored between 2% and 11%). Detailed test results are available here.

Aside from the ability to prevent data leaks in critical situations triggered by leak-tests, Matousec.com also analyses the products’ efficiency in:

  • general bypassing (system integrity) tests that emulate malware attempts to bypass protection or make malicious modifications, generally without targeting specific components;
  • termination and self-protection tests that emulate attempts to disable products and self-defense functions;
  • spying tests (including keyloggers and packet sniffers) that test whether a product is able to prevent malware from spying on a user’s data;
  • the newly-implemented autorun tests (attempts to install to the system to survive a reboot and ensure tests will be restarted, which is typical malware infection behavior;
  • performance, stability and reliability tests.

Agnitum’s products have always focused on strong defense against unknown malware activation and data leaks since the first versions of Outpost. The same philosophy continues to apply to the latest integrated solution — Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.0. More information about the products is available on the company’s website.

For more information and to request review copies of Outpost Security Suite Pro 7, please contact:

Pavel Goryakin
PR Manager, Agnitum Ltd.

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