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Outpost Network Security for SMBs Gets Major Upgrade

New v3.2 based on enhanced Outpost 7 for Windows 7/XP/Vista/Server 2003/2008 workstations

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, October 28, 2010 — The security experts at Agnitum, developers of the Outpost Pro product line, are pleased to announce the latest implementation of the company’s core business security solution. Outpost Network Security (ONS) 3.2 delivers advanced antimalware (antivirus plus antispyware) protection, intrusion prevention, data leak protection, and secure web access for Windows-based workstations.

Outpost Network SecurityONS 3.2 is built around the core functionality in the company’s acclaimed consumer solution, Outpost Security Suite Pro v7, and adapted to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. The product delivers both proactive and reactive protection against the latest security threats, as well as addressing the problems of productivity-sapping employee behavior and inefficient resource usage by more traditional security products.

ONS 3.2 safeguards local networks against external attacks and internal sabotage, keeping endpoints free of malware (viruses, Trojans, worms, bots, spyware, exploits, and more). The solution additionally prevents disclosure of confidential information, controls employee Internet access, prevents data leakage via USB devices, and centralizes the deployment and management of endpoint protection.

Outpost Network Security uses the same award-winning engine that Virus Bulletin has certified for multiple Windows business platforms this year alone, and offers the following core modules:

  • Antimalware (antivirus, antispyware, and more)
  • System and Application Guard to maintain OS and application integrity
  • Bidirectional firewall
  • USB blocking
  • Web controls

In addition to the security benefits, ONS 3.2 offers a number of capabilities that systems administrators will appreciate and that will ensure corporate policies are maintained and enforced.

  • Centralized deployment to minimize IT workload
  • Centralized on-demand checks for malware on remote PCs
  • Online and offline updates to keep protection current
  • User group segmentation for more targeted protection
  • Remote configuration for easy, hands-on management
  • Local updating to preserve bandwidth for more productive tasks

Outpost Network Security 3.2 pricing starts at $160 for 5 PCs, with per-user costs reducing as license quantities increase. This introductory pricing is available until December 1, 2010. More details may be found below and on the company’s website at: http://www.agnitum.com/products/networksecurity/index.php.

What’s New in ONS 3.2?

Improved compatibility

ONS 3.2 offers optimized support for all current 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms, including Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Flexible, non-intrusive antimalware

The antimalware module now provides more flexibility for system administrators and includes:

  • Automatic scanning of removable USB devices
  • Improved mail scanner, new ability to clean attachments
  • Flexible component settings
  • New ability to scan boot sectors
  • New ability to specify real-time protection monitor response on detecting malware

Additionally, a .LNK file integrity control algorithm has been implemented to prevent Stuxnet and other malware exploiting LNK vulnerability.

New! Web Control

Now, administrators can configure endpoints to proactively block access to unauthorized web pages according to keywords included in either the URL or the body of the page.

New! System Guard

The new System Guard, successor to the earlier Critical Objects component, secures critical system locations and registry, ensuring that no unauthorized modifications are made to these vital areas.

System Guard enables the administrator to define a list of protected programs on the system, as well as extensive Windows settings and configuration files. These may include registry settings, networking properties, host file accessibility, Adobe Flash and Reader plug-in interactions, and other objects vulnerable to attacks. Any designated protected program is shielded by System Guard against unauthorized tampering or compromise.

A number of measures have been introduced to facilitate the module’s operation in corporate environment and increase security:

  • Critical registry entries and system files protected from modification using preset rules
  • Increased number of protected objects
  • Ability to create custom rules to protect registry entries and system files
  • Ability to create custom rules for applications that have higher priority than global rules (exclusions).

Improved firewall performance

In the ongoing battle to balance security and performance, the firewall module has been reworked to reduce resource consumption and optimize traffic filtering:

  • Channel load between driver and monitoring service significantly decreased
  • Improved content filtering algorithm now excludes local data transfer and binary threads
  • TDI/TLI filter improvements to increase system stability.

Improved Self-Protection

Outpost’s self-protection mechanism, which effectively resists malicious attempts of product deactivation, now also covers new registry hives that were potentially subject to exposure and vulnerability.

Redesigned Process Activity

Designed to provide a full picture of process activity, this module has been made easier to use and more flexible:

  • Process modules list added
  • New ability to quarantine suspicious process or module
  • Improved algorithm used to define I/O counters.

Corporate security with a facelift

The general appearance and dialog boxes in Outpost Network Security 3.2 have been redesigned to follow Windows Vista/Windows 7 style conventions.

For more information, please contact:

Pavel Goryakin
PR Manager, Agnitum Ltd.

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