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Agnitum’s Free Internet Security Suite out-competes equivalent commercial products

Outpost Security Suite Free 7.1 scores high for reactive and proactive signature detection extended collection of malware samples

St. Petersburg, Russia — May 12, 2011. The Internet security experts at Agnitum are pleased to announce that Outpost Security Suite (OSS) 7.1 has been certified for high levels of malware detection with an overall average detection that exceeds those achieved by equivalent commercial products offered by McAfee, Sophos, CA (Computer Associates), and others. This Virus Bulletin test set contains a total of approximately 116,000 malware samples.

OSS also posted 100% detection for the 54,000 most widespread in-the-wild malware and hard-to-detect polymorphic viruses.

Additionally, Virus Bulletin’s Reactive and Proactive (RAP) testing indicates that OSS’ Anti-Malware module competed effectively in proactive detection by catching more than 8 out of every 10 unknown samples collected within one week since the last OSS Anti-Malware update.

OSS Free, built on the same technologies used in the commercial version of the suite, was reviewed in the May 2011 issue of Virus Bulletin magazine. Particular kudos is given to the Anti-Malware module, which combines antivirus and antispyware and forms an integral part of OSS Free. "Putting the free edition through some extra heavy tests showed it to be just as resilient, with none of the system slowdowns, GUI freak-outs or other bad behaviours...", states John Hawes. Virus Bulletin underlines that the OSS Pro results are 100% applicable to OSS Free, as the same Anti-Malware module is used in both products.

The VB100 certification awarded to OSS in April 2011 was the sixth consecutive certification issued to Agnitum. OSS has demonstrated consistent performance improvements since April 2010 compared with other free antivirus and Internet security products delivered by companies such as Avast (6 VB100 entries/6 passes), AVG (6 VB100 entries/6 passes), Avira (6 VB100 entries/6 passes), PC Tools (4 VB100 entries/4 passes), Lavasoft (4 VB100 entries/2 passes) and Comodo (3 VB100 entries/1 pass).

For more information and to request review copies of Outpost Pro 7.5, please contact:

Natalia Solovyeva
PR Manager, Agnitum Ltd.

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