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40,000 InterZet customers trust Outpost Antivirus Pro to protect their PCs

St. Petersburg, Russia — September 26, 2011: Agnitum, developer of acclaimed PC security solutions since 1999, is pleased to announce that 40,000 InterZet users have chosen Outpost antivirus protection to keep their computers safe while they’re on line.

"Every day, hundreds of InterZet users initiate a subscription to the Outpost Antivirus protection service because it delivers effective and reliable protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans, and other Internet security threats," says Natalia Susakina, director of advertising at InterZet.

Every InterZet customer can choose Agnitum Outpost Antivirus free of charge as part of the "All Inclusive" InterZet subscription plan. All the user then has to do is to enable Outpost Antivirus in their Personal Cabinet on the Internet service providerís website.

Outpost AV ServiceThe Agnitum Antivirus Service is integrated directly into the InterZet subscription plan, ensuring a seamless transition to high-quality protection. This direct integration means that, unlike the majority of security solutions on the market, the Agnitum AV Service doesnít require product reinstallation or product key replacement when the license expires; users can simply extend their subscription in their InterZet Personal Cabinet.

About InterZet

InterZet is one of the largest Internet service providers in the North-West region of Russia, with around 250,000 users. InterZet offers a range of Internet subscription plans and delivers high-speed data transmission over the fibre-option IP network.

About Outpost AV Service

Outpost Antivirus Service delivers the proactive power of Outpost security as a web service. ISP customers do not need to install any software on their system, and subscription payments are integrated with the ISP subscription plans.

Outpost Antivirus Service is a combination of Outpost Antivirus Pro and Outpost Security Suite Pro, Agnitumís flagship Internet security suite. More information is available on the Agnitum website at http://www.agnitum.com/products/av-service/.

Outpost Antivirus Service is available through a number of ISPs in Russia and the Middle East, and the company has begun market testing in several East European countries.

For more information about Outpost AV Service, please contact:

Natalia Solovyeva
PR Manager, Agnitum Ltd.

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