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Anti-malware engine auto-updated to scan JAR and Android apps on-the-fly

St. Petersburg, Russia — January 27, 2012. Users of Outpost Pro anti-virus received an automatic minor upgrade for anti-virus engine and virus database. This new engine carries the internal version number 5.4.1 and works smoothly with the latest malware database format (v14).

Update Summary

Anti-malware Engine 5.4.11) Added support for Java Archive and Android application package file formats to the Windows kernel mode engine component.

Now the on-access engine will scan files in this format on-the-fly; support for this format was previously only available through on-demand scanning.

2) Started adjusting detection of samples classified as "grayware".

We have begun reclassifying our existing detections for "grayware" samples (software which is neither fully "clean" nor 100% malware) into three new groups:

  • "unwanted" files — not harmful but potentially unwanted by user (for example, cracks and keygens);
  • "unsafe" files —might be harmful, but there may be a legitimate reason to be on the user’s PC (for example, commercial keyloggers or password crackers);
  • "grayware" — everything else that is not true malware but should be detected (primarily adware).

We will inform you when Outpost anti-malware products will include fully updated "grayware" database.

NB! Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.2 Release Candidate version will be available later for download and testing. Watch this space!

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