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Outpost Anti-Virus Service reaches 70% of Internet users in Northern Russian capital

Outpost anti-virus products are now available on a monthly subscription basis to 1.25 million ISP customers in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia — March 15, 2012. Agnitum, developer of PC security solutions since 1999, is pleased to announce Outpost Anti-Virus Subscription Service for ISPs is now available to the 1.25 million Internet users in the former imperial Russian capital of St. Petersburg. Agnitum’s service is now carried by 15 ISPs in the St Petersburg area, including seven of the top ten wireline providers.

Outpost AV ServiceOutpost Anti-Virus Service, currently offered by 90+ ISPs, is in use by more than 125,000 customers in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, providing continuous anti-virus protection that customers pay for monthly as part of their telecom service. Agnitum is now expanding service availability into Western Europe, South Asia, and the Americas.

Outpost Performance Edition anti-virus products (version 7.5) have already received five top awards from independent testing laboratories, including Anti-Malware.ru, Matousec.com and Virus Bulletin. In the past two years, Outpost Pro alone has received 10 consecutive awards in comparative malware detection tests conducted by Virus Bulletin.

About Outpost Antivirus Service

Outpost AV Service is a monthly PC security subscription program available to customers of Internet Service Providers, Web Hosting Service Providers, Managed Service Providers and Managed Security Service Providers. The program delivers the proactive power of Outpost security for a monthly fee, paid as part of their normal telecommunications bill. Users decide which services to subscribe to from a "personal cabinet" provided by the service provider. Outpost Anti-Virus Service Subscription payments can be also integrated with the ISP tariff plans.

Outpost Antivirus Service offers the functionality of the standalone Outpost Antivirus Pro or the all-in-one Outpost Security Suite Pro, Agnitum’s flagship Internet security suite. More information is available on Agnitum’s website at http://www.agnitum.com/products/av-service/.

For more information about Outpost Antivirus Service, please contact:

Agnitum International PR

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