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Agnitum provides its antivirus engine for OPSWAT’s Metascan

Lightweight and fast Outpost antivirus engine is now available to OPSWAT’s customers as part of Metascan multi-engine package

St. Petersburg, Russia — February 28, 2013. Agnitum, the PC security expert and manufacturer of the Outpost product range, is glad to announce a licensing contract with OPSWAT, a leading provider of software management and security technologies, developer of Metascan solutions.

The Metascan multi-engine solution now includes Outpost antivirus on par with AV technologies from such industry leaders as ESET, AVG, Microsoft, Bitdefender, Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee and others.

OPSWAT logoMetascan is a server application with a local and network programming interface that enables simultaneous use of multiple antivirus engines and scanning technologies within the same framework. Metascan comes in packages that include a host of AV engines to achieve optimal performance, detection accuracy, scalability and overall effectiveness against all sorts of computer malware. The flexible APIs provide the customer with numerous programming options for integrating Metascan into existing or custom-built security systems.

Metascan facilitates a variety of use cases, such as scanning file upload servers, computer forensic analysis, moving testing data across internal security domains, and analyzing ISVs’ binaries for false positives, just to name a few. OPSWAT also offers a free online service built with Metascan technology at https://www.metascan-online.com, which allows users to scan files with more than 40 antivirus engines, including Agnitum.

"By partnering with Agnitum we are able to increase the value of our multi-scanning solutions to provide our customers with the most effective security available," commented Tony Berning, Product Manager at OPSWAT. "We continually strive to deliver the optimal anti-malware solutions to our customers, significantly increasing their detection rates while making the most of their system resources. Our customers expect the highest level of security and our partnership with Agnitum helps us to deliver on those expectations."

Agnitum is one the leading technology licensors in the security industry. Its technologies are being currently employed by top market players. The company has provided flexible opportunities for third-party licensing, offering antivirus, firewall or proactive protection modules either as a rebranded solution or based on the SDK since the year 2000.

Outpost antivirus products have been on the market since 2007 gathering awards for top performance and high detection rates. Outpost was one of the five security solutions to achieve 12 consecutive VB100 awards in 2010–2012.

About Agnitum

Founded in 1999, Agnitum Ltd. (www.agnitum.com) has been committed to delivering and supporting high-quality, easy to use security software for over a decade. Agnitum’s commercial solutions for the home market are Outpost Firewall Pro and Outpost Antivirus Pro, securing personal and family computers; and Outpost Security Suite — an all-in-one Internet security solution. Dedicated to global e-security, Agnitum also offers free versions of Outpost Firewall and Outpost Security Suite to secure users’ system, network connections and critical data. Outpost Network Security ensures centrally-manageable endpoint protection and reliable performance for SMBs, and Outpost Antivirus Service provides antivirus protection via monthly subscription to 150,000 ISP subscribers.

For more information and to request review copies of Outpost Pro, please contact:

Agnitum International PR


OPSWAT is the leading provider of software management and security technologies. Its solutions are simplified and comprehensive, solving complex development problems to reduce time and costs for engineering, testing, and IT teams. In addition to Metascan, OPSWAT offers OESIS Framework, an open development framework that enables software engineers to develop products that manage thousands of third-party software applications; AppRemover, a free utility that enables the complete uninstallation of security applications; and GEARS, a white-labeled, cloud-based solution for monitoring and managing computers, servers, and switches.

For more information about OPSWAT and Metascan, please visit www.opswat.com or contact sales@opswat.com.

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