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Agnitum and Buhl Data continue partnership by signing new pact

St. Petersburg, Russia  August 7, 2003  - Agnitum, a publisher of Windows security applications, is continuing its successful partnership with Buhl Data Service GmbH by signing a new three year distribution agreement for Buhl Data to market Agnitum's products: Outpost Firewall Pro and Tauscan. Both products will be customized for the German market and given the Buhl brand, where they will be sold as PCFirewall and Anti Trojaner.

"We signed a new contract with Agnitum because we were looking for a partner with which we can pursue our technology leadership for a long time in the German-speaking market", commented Thomas Becker, Marketing Director for Buhl Data Services.

Outpost Firewall Pro is a powerful, full-featured firewall for Windows that hides your computer from hackers, detects and blocks intrusions, and quarantines Internet worms and viruses entering your computer. Unlike other personal firewalls, Outpost starts protecting against all kinds of internal and external attacks from the moment it's installed. This is the first firewall with an open architecture and support for plug-ins, so its capabilities can easily be extended by thousands of developers worldwide.

The recently released version 2.0 of Outpost Pro also offers enhanced firewall protection, a new logging system, auto-configuration and much greater functionality than its predecessor, Version 1.0

"As a leading software publisher, Buhl Data Service offers the best products at reasonable prices. In 2001 we chose Outpost technology, which matches our vision of a security product that delivers high performance and usability", said Becker.

Outpost runs under Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. You can download the 30-day trial copy from the Agnitum web site at http://www.agnitum.com/download/.

Tauscan is extremely compact, but is a very powerful Trojan detector and remover. The program spots and eradicates all classes of Trojan, before they capture your personal or confidential information. Tauscan can be run in Wizard Mode enabling rookie users to use the program without any special knowledge. The program also utilizes the special TauMonitor, which constantly scans all active processes for Trojans.

Buhl has been granted exclusive rights to market Agnitum's German-language retail products in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Buhl will also provide technical support for both products.

The first agreement between the two companies covered the distribution of Outpost Firewall Pro. This now includes Tauscan.

"Our new distribution agreement with such a strong partner as Buhl Data, proves once again that Agnitum is on the right path as a company", commented Mikhail Zakhryapin, Agnitum's CEO. "The German market is very attractive and we are pleased to continue our relationship with Buhl Data."

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About Agnitum

Since 1999, Agnitum has been developing and marketing Windows security applications for business and home use. In addition to Outpost Personal Firewall Pro 2.0, Agnitum also offers Tauscan, a powerful Trojan virus detection and removal application.

About Buhl Data Service GmbH

Buhl Data Service GmbH is one of the biggest software publishers in Germany. Founded in 1985, Buhl has 500 employees and sells some of the most successful PC software titles in Germany like D-Info and WISO Sparbuch. For more information about Buhl, visit http://www.buhl-data.com (business information) or http://www.buhl.de (retail business).

For more information, contact Agnitum at pr@agnitum.com.

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