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Agnitum Newsletter (27 April, 2006)

  • Product Update: Outpost Pro 4.0 to deliver superior proactive security
  • Awards Update: Outpost Pro collects four new awards from around the world
  • Special Offer: Log in to multiple websites securely with AMUST 1-Login - $10 off!

Product Update: Outpost Pro 4.0 to deliver superior proactive security

We have exciting news for Outpost Firewall Pro fans around the world - Agnitum is going to release a new version that will feature even greater and more proactive security than you have today (and than any other personal firewall product can provide!)

Last week we started beta-testing of this new version, which we expect to publish in June 2006. We'll bring you a progress update in next month's newsletter. Meanwhile, it's take a closer look at the new functionality you can expect from Outpost Pro 4.0:

Anti-Leak Features

Version 4 will deliver proactive security functionality that will block all outbound security holes. These holes are often referred to as leaks, hence the term 'leak test' to describe the tests created by security experts to find weaknesses in firewalls and other security products.

Most of the techniques used in leak tests are already used in spyware, Trojans, keyloggers, and Internet worms. These techniques take advantage of security flaws discovered in Windows operating systems, browsers and security software products, including suites, firewalls, anti-spyware and anti-virus programs.

Version 4 will block all currently-known techniques for bypassing security protection, including Wallbreaker, ZAbypass and PC Audit leak-tests. With this addition, Outpost Firewall Pro will become the most effective solution available to prevent sensitive data leakage from individual PCs.

Spyware Signature Analyzer

Although Outpost Pro already provides effective proactive measures to block even unknown spyware, it is important to also use a powerful signature-based analyzer to combat spyware at all stages of its malicious activity.

The spyware signature analyzer in Outpost 4.0 will provide better protection against multiple varieties of spyware, including unknown variants. The spyware scanner will use the unchanged part of the file, not the whole file, to more precisely analyze results.

Exclusive Application Verification

Most firewalls use the MD5 algorithm to make sure that applications requesting an Internet connection are legitimate. They use this approach to, for example, verify that iexplorer.exe is truly Microsoft Internet Explorer and not a Trojan or keylogger masquerading as a legitimate application.

Unfortunately, the MD5 algorithm can be bypassed using recently discovered hacking techniques, significantly reducing their ability to protect users' machines. So Outpost Firewall Pro Version 4.0 will use the higher-security Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) 256 verification routine to identify applications during the automatic creation of network access rules through ImproveNet. This will enable Outpost to be much more precise in identifying an application, thus ensuring the creation and distribution of the optimum rule sets, which ultimately delivers greater security for our customers.

64-bit support

Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 will provide full support for 64-bit computers and operating systems.

Additional improvements

Version 4 will also improve overall usability and performance to ensure that all users can easily benefit from this additional security.

More news to come in our May Newsletter next month - stay tuned!

Awards Update: Outpost Pro collects four new awards

Outpost Firewall Pro 3.5 has received new awards from computer magazines in the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, and Taiwan.

UK computer magazine PC Utilities tested Outpost and determined that "if security is a major concern, Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro can help put your fears at rest." As a result, Outpost received the "PC Utilities Recommended" award.

Computer Hoy is a monthly magazine from Spain designed for readers interested in the technical aspects of software products. In a recent major firewall test, Outpost Firewall Pro 3.5 came out the winner, ahead of Zone Labs, Symantec, McAfee, and Kaspersky Labs products.

In Poland, one of the biggest IT magazines is PC World Komputer. Recently the magazine tested 11 leading firewalls including Sunbelt Kerio and ZoneAlarm as well as security suites from McAfee, Norton, F-Secure, Kaspersky and Panda. Here's what they had to say about Outpost:

"Outpost provides a high level of security, offering good protection even from new kinds of threats."

So once again Outpost Firewall Pro proved to be the best security solution, getting the "Best Purchase" award for the second consecutive year.

Finally, in Taiwan, PC Home Advance magazine tested top firewalls including Sunbelt Kerio, ZoneAlarm, Norton, McAfee, Norman and Look-n-Stop. Again Outpost came the winner receiving "The Best Product A-Grade" award.

Special Offer: Log in to multiple websites securely with
AMUST 1-Login - and get $10 off!

Here's another great product offer that's available exclusively to Agnitum customers - $10 off AMUST 1-Login.

If you have too many Internet logins, you need AMUST 1-Login to be secure. 1-Login lets you securely log in to multiple web sites by signing into 1-Login only once. It organizes all your secure Internet accounts into a special bookmark folder and gives you an automatic "1-click" secure Internet login.

With AMUST 1-Login:

  • You keep different passwords for all the secure web sites you log into, but you need to remember only one master password
  • With 1-click login, just select a bookmark and you're automatically logged in
  • Log in to your favorite web sites from home and office PC with no need for manual synchronization
  • Your passwords are completely secure because they're not stored anywhere
  • Spyware, keyloggers and phishers can't steal your passwords
  • Securely access your passwords anywhere, anytime, using the 1-Login online service.

Product Links

Purchase now with a $10 discount (limited time offer): http://www.agnitum.com/r/newsletter/amust_product/

Download trial version: http://www.agnitum.com/r/newsletter/amust_download/

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