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Agnitum Directions (April 2009)

  • Product news:
    Outpost Firewall goes free!
  • Reviews and awards:
    Outpost Security Suite Pro gains another VB 100% under XP SP3
  • Special offers:
    You pay for Outpost, Agnitum pays taxes for you
    Outpost Firewall Pro – lifetime license for the price of two years, still active!
    Defend your business with Outpost Network Security 3.0 – 20% off the previous version price

Dear Readers,

This April, we continue our ‘no-fool’ special offer and take responsibility for your taxes. In addition, we offerOutpost Network Security an even greater savings, cutting 20 % off the price till mid-summer. Outpost Security Suite effectively combats Conficker worm samples and gains another VB 100 award. As for development news, Agnitum is about to extend its free-of-charge product offering with … Outpost Firewall Free! Find out more in Agnitum Directions for April 2009!

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please use our webmail form or blog to send us your comments and opinions!

Outpost Firewall goes free!

Are you a fan of standalone protection bundles and security constructor, or an apologist of pure firewall defense, or just a lover of freebies? Agnitum now offers a free-of-charge basic foundation for your PC security – Outpost Firewall Free!

The free version will offer minimal functionality:

  • Bidirectional firewall (network protection) to analyze incoming and outgoing traffic and prevent targeted attacks;
  • Proactive host protection to monitor applications interaction and block suspicious activity, unknown malware and 0-day threats;
  • Self-protection to ensure your Outpost protection can't be deactivated by malware.

These key elements constitute the basis of the advanced Outpost Pro version and place Outpost solutions far ahead of competitors in the personal firewall pool. You'll get them for free! If you change your mind and realize the demand for extended protection, you'll be able to upgrade for a very reasonable fee.

We're looking forward to your comments and suggestions concerning the new product.

Outpost Security Suite Pro gains another VB 100% under XP SP3

We are glad to announce the results of the latest anti-virus tests carried out by VirusBulletin Magazine. Tests were conducted on Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009 and 38 other personal anti-virus and security suite products running under Windows XP SP3.

VirusBulletin tests performed in March 2009 saw a number of methodology enhancements to reflect the demand for quicker, more consistent protection. In February 2009, the lab introduced RAP (reactive and proactive) tests that estimate products' antivirus capabilities against four sets of malware samples. The first three sets include malware discovered in each of the three weeks, before the deadline for product submission and are aimed at verifying the vendors' swift, antivirus reaction. Whereas, the fourth set helps gauge the level of products' proactive protection and staunchness against unknown threats by representing samples first seen in the week after product submission.

VB lab replenished its WildList collection and Trojan set, adding samples of the notorious Conficker worm to the list.

Facing these challenges, Outpost Security Suite proved its ever-growing reactive potential and solid proactive capabilities. Below,VirusBulletin experts comment on Outpost's looks and performance:

"Agnitum’s Outpost suite has performed fairly well in our tests over the past few years, and has proved popular with the test team with its simple, clear design and stable performance".

"Running through the tests proved unproblematic, and results were fairly decent … The WildList presented no problems for the product, and without any false positives in the clean set Agnitum achieves the first VB100 award of this month’s comparative."

While the test format implied that some significant defense mechanisms of the Agnitum's product, such as the firewall, host protection and self-protection would go unobserved, Outpost engineers pointed out that part of the success in antivirus testing was due to the new heuristic analyzer. An element of the anti-malware module, it provides intelligent and more rigorous scrutiny of auto-started objects, i.e. start-up entries, registry startups, services and drivers.

The latest edition of Outpost Security Suite Pro is available for download at the product page.

You pay for Outpost, Agnitum pays taxes for you

We'd like to remind you once again of Agnitum's recent undertaking – the inclusion of VAT into product prices at our expense. On purchasing Outpost solutions, European customers don’t have to pay the tax anymore! According to the recent EU regulations, service providers are obliged to indicate prices including value-added tax - that’s what we do. However, the prices indicated remain the same, because Agnitum pays VAT for its customers and thus saves you around 15-19% off the product price.

In other words, you pay what you see - 49.95 for Outpost Security Suite Pro, 39.95 for Outpost Firewall Pro, 19.95 for Outpost Antivirus Pro, and 224 for the minimal 10 PCs package of Outpost Network Security (1-year license, VAT included!).

The offer applies to the European Union (including the UK) only. Take advantage!

Outpost Firewall Pro – lifetime license for the price of two years, still active!

According to numerous requests, we decided to prolong the lifetime special offer for Outpost Firewall Pro lifetime licenses valid for 3 PCs. You can still purchase such a license for $59.95 – the price of a two-year license! Hurry up to take advantage of ever-lasting protection!

Defend your business with Outpost Network Security 3.0 – 20% off the previous version price

In case your system administrator or a decision-maker on IT infrasctructure is around, let them know the corporate network can be secured with much less effort and money with Agnitum's solution for SMBs. In its first year on the market Outpost Network Security is offered at a discounted price – 20 % off the initial cost (of the previous iteration - Outpost Network Security 2.0) till July 1, 2009.

To remind you of the product features, this all-in-one security complex includes:

  • Comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, and other malware
  • Bidirectional firewall with intrusion detection and network integrity safeguard
  • Unsafe web elements restriction
  • Protection against unauthorized termination of security functions
  • Centrally managed deployment and administration
  • Centrally managed malware scans on-demand
  • Real-time event reporting and history logs, and much more.

Your office can take advantage of the special offer by visiting the ONS page.

In conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed this issue – and especially the special offers! We’re always on the lookout for ways to make the Outpost e-security family more accessible to everyone. As always we need your feedback and suggestions to let us know how you see internet security in general and our solutions in particular. Thanks for being a loyal Agnitum customer, and enjoy your computing while we take care of your security!

With best wishes,
Your Agnitum team

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