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Agnitum Directions (August, 2007)

  • Beta test:
    Outpost Security Suite 2008 for Windows Vista – now in public beta!

  • A new contest - tell us your hacking horror stories!
    ”How I beat off the bad guys with Outpost”

  • Security Insight:
    Summertime System Security

  • Antispam:
    Spam Terrier has almost a quarter-million downloads!

  • Special Offer:
    Agnitum presents an incredible discount of 20% on the New WinRAR 3.70!

Dear Readers,

This August marks an important milestone for Agnitum: Outpost Security Suite 2008 for Windows Vista is now available in public beta. We are on the last lap before the final product launch - the countdown has started. But in case you think we are all business here, check out our new contest - we definitely find the time for some fun - and you might be lucky enough to find a cool prize!

Please, don’t forget to send us your comments and suggestions, as always. We encourage you to use our web mail form to let us know what you think, or respond to any of our blog postings.

Outpost Security Suite Pro 2008 for Windows Vista – now in public beta!

The ultimate proactive security suite for Vista, OSS 2008, is now available for everyone to try out. Many thanks to our inside teams who steered us from the first internal alpha version through to this final stage before the launch. We’ve introduced a number of changes and adopted some of your suggestions along the way, and we believe we’ve produced the best possible all-round security solution for Vista users. Now we need you to tell us if we’ve really got it right, so go ahead and download the Outpost Security Suite 2008 public beta here and let us know what you think!

So what’s new in this public beta compared with earlier versions? The major addition is the AutoLearn functionality, which reduces the number of alerts and questions that require an answer from you. Now OSS creates "allow" rules for all requested connections within a specific period and "memorizes" applications' typical behavior. After this autolearn period is over, OSS automatically enables rule autocreation and updates, so network traffic is processed according to the rules created during the autolearn period as well as those based on presets.

The OSS anti-malware and antispam engines remain basically the same, but the firewall element has been improved in several areas and now offers:

  • Full program operation for users with limited rights
  • Improved isolation of firewall processes from external interference
  • Complete ‘background’ functionality, including automatic rule application
  • 100% invisibility in stealth mode
  • Three toolbar buttons will help less experienced users get the best protection from the suite
  • Full support for Fast User Switching technology
  • Simplified program auto-configuration
  • Non-proprietary format for log files, so they can be viewed with third-party software
  • Detection of partial incompatibilities with third-party products during installation, disabling potentially-conflicting functions before they can cause problems.

We’ve also decreased the resource load, so the program uses far fewer CPU cycles for better system performance without sacrificing protection quality.

You should, however, take note of the following limitations in this version:

  • OSS 2008 does not support Windows 9x (nor will the final product)
  • The Web Control module (which includes content filtering, ad blocking, active content detection, ID blocking, and suspicious site monitor) is disabled.
  • The real-time email attachment scanner is disabled.
  • The antispam module is disabled.
  • There are some known compatibility issues with third-party NDIS filters under Windows Vista (network monitor software, other security software).
  • This version is available only in English.

The limitations listed above apply only to this beta version; we’ll let you know when the next version is available.

We encourage you to download this beta version at your earliest convenience and keep your eye out for updates. And please submit any bugs you find as soon as you find them. If you’re a particular fan of Outpost Firewall Pro and want to focus on how that’s working with Vista, just disable all the plugins and run the firewall as a standalone solution.

When we release the final product will depend in large part on what you tell us needs fixing during this beta process, but we are aiming for early October.

“How I beat off the bad guys with Outpost”

Usually at this time of year you’re being asked what you did on your summer vacation. But because we’re more interested in your security problems than your holiday photo albums (sorry!), we’d like you to tell us about your experiences with cyber bad guys. If you’ve ever been hacked, infected by a trojan, or had some other digital security disaster impact your life, we want to know. We especially want to know if you were running Outpost Firewall Pro or Outpost Security Suite Pro and how well our products protected you. In return, we have some great prizes in store for you!

Your story can be any length, but it should be something we can publish on our website - no bad language or libel, please! The ten best stories will be published on our website and will win for each of their authors a free lifetime license (including updates and support) for Outpost Security Suite Pro 2008. The grand prize winner will also receive a brand-new 8 Gb iPhone valued at $399.

Your stories will be judged by a panel of Agnitum security experts. Impartial judgment is guaranteed.

To submit your story, go here.

Good luck - we look forward to reading your stories!

Summertime System Security

Summer is fading away gradually, but travel doesn’t stop when the sun begins to set earlier. If you still have travel plans this year and can’t live without your laptop, you need to read this issue of Security Insight. As well as some basic reminders of good security practice, you'll learn additional tips and tricks to use when you're away from home and dealing with unfamiliar network connections.

Read the latest issue of Security Insight today, and please add your comments in our blog.

Spam Terrier has almost a quarter-million downloads!

Our free antispam product has been downloaded over 240,000 times since we launched it on March 27, 2007. We’re watching out for the 250,000th download - probably in the next few days - and will be awarding that lucky user a free one-year key for Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007.

As a reminder, both the standalone product and the anti-spam plug-in in Outpost Security Suite make use of the Bayesian principle of filtering, which means that junk mail recognition takes place according to specific patterns and ‘behavior’ rather than predefined ‘blacklist’ criteria. Agnitum’s antispam ‘learns’ what you consider good and bad mail, so only the mail you really want to see arrives in your inbox.

Spam Terrier is currently compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, and we are evaluating additional options, so keep sending your suggestions for other email clients to support.

Agnitum presents for it's customers an incredible discount of 20% on the New WinRAR 3.70!

WinRAR is a powerful yet highly flexible compression tool with a variety of integrated additional functions to help users organize and manage their compressed archives. The latest version of this powerful archiver is now completely Vista Compatible and is available to you at a discounted price.

Click here to buy now at 20% discount! This is a limited time offer only!

More WinRAR features at a glance:

  • Consistently making smaller archives: Saving your disk space and transmission costs.

  • Supports all popular compression formats: provides complete support for RAR and ZIP archives and is able to unpack CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z archives.

  • One Price, One Payment and Only Once: When you purchase WinRAR license you are buying a license to the complete technology, no need to purchase add-ons to create self-extracting files, it's all included.

  • No additional upgrade fee: You receive the benefit of a life-time use of the WinRAR.

  • Available in more than 40 different languages.

In closing, we wish you a happy end of summer that’s free from computer security problems. This autumn, we’re launching the final versions of our standalone and all-in-one Vista-compatible products, so everyone gets the best possible defense against Internet threats. You can relax while Agnitum takes care of your security!

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