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Agnitum Directions (February 2007)

  • Updating the product roadmap
  • Vista support plans
  • A new approach to anti-malware
  • The end of an era: no more updates for Tauscan

Dear Readers,

A month is a long time in Internet security, and you can be assured that we’ve been busy since the last issue of Directions. One big change is the editor of this newsletter. My name is Pavel Goryakin, and I’ve recently joined Agnitum’s marketing and PR team. Because I’ll be communicating with you regularly, I encourage you to send me your thoughts on this newsletter, Agnitum’s products – in fact, anything that concerns you about Internet security. It’s important for me to understand our customers, so that I can deliver information to you that’s relevant, timely, and useful. Please use our web mail form for your comments and suggestions.

Updating the Product Roadmap

After we announced Outpost Pro Security Suite in January’s Agnitum Directions, we received a number of questions from our customers asking if Agnitum was simply jumping on the bandwagon, and that any suite would be just another “me too” product. It’s easy to think that way in a world that’s full of “one-size-fits-all” security solutions, but we do believe that our approach is a little different and a little more focused on what you tell us is a concern for you, rather than what our researchers like to investigate.

Outpost Pro Security Suite is built around our best-in-breed firewall with its proactive security engines. This means that, unlike existing suites, Outpost Pro is focused on preventing the problem in the first place and only after that to use reactive security measures like signature-based antivirus and antispyware.

And rest assured that we will continue to focus much of our research and development activities on our core product – Outpost Pro – while we build out the security suite. Outpost Pro Firewall will continue to be available as a standalone product for many years to come!

You can read more about how and why we took this approach in the company blog at http://agnitumblog.blogspot.com/2007/01/how-agnitum-will-protect-you-in-2007.html

Vista Support Plans

The current version of Outpost Pro 4.0 and the first version of the upcoming Outpost Pro Security Suite 2007 will not be Vista-compatible. Converting security products to run smoothly on Vista is a long a complex task, and we will keep you posted via this newsletter and blog postings as we move towards beta versions of both products.

Vista compatibility is a huge challenge for the entire information security industry. Vista is a completely new operating system with a significantly different and more complex architecture. This means that Outpost Pro Firewall and the Security Suite for Vista must be completely new applications, with new engines and a user interface to provide the level of protection and usability you’ve come to expect from Agnitum.

One thing you’ll be pleased to note: If you have a current license for any product in the Outpost Pro family, you will be eligible for a free-of-charge update to the Vista-compatible version. So, if you buy a license for Outpost Pro today, you are guaranteed a free upgrade to the Vista-compatible version when it becomes available. All registered customers will receive notification via email when these products are ready, so make sure we have your most current email address, otherwise you could be missing out.

For more information on our Vista developments, click through to http://www.agnitum.com/products/vista-compatible-firewall.php.

A New Approach to Anti-Malware

This new module developed by Agnitum’s software engineers is part of our move to bring your protection more into line with the threats you face when you go online today. These threats might be anything from worms and viruses to Trojans and spyware, so we’ve extended and strengthened our existing anti-spyware. And we’ve integrated anti-virus technology from one of the world’s leading virus research companies to deliver a single anti-malware application that will detect and remove all types of malware from your PC. Agnitum Anti-Malware will be embedded in the upcoming suite and will deliver significant speed, compatibility, and accuracy advantages over competing products. You can read more about Agnitum’s new integrated approach to security in our blog at http://agnitumblog.blogspot.com/2007/02/anti-malware-in-upcoming-outpost-pro.html

The End of an Era: No more updates for Tauscan

Well, the day had to come. With the development of our new combined anti-malware engine, there’s no longer any need for a standalone anti-Trojan product. The threats on the Internet are much more wide-ranging than simply Trojans (or, for that matter, simply viruses or spyware), and our promise to take the best care of your security has led us to combine all these anti-xware products into a single protective shield.

Tauscan’s threat detection and removal functionality is now fully integrated into Outpost Pro Firewall and the upcoming suite. But we realize that not everyone will be ready to move on to Outpost right away, so we’ll continue to provide signature updates until December 31st. Plus, we’ve made arrangements for all Tauscan users with current licenses to upgrade to Outpost Pro Firewall 4.0 at no charge. So if you’re a current Tauscan user, watch your inbox for some very special offers!

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