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Agnitum Directions (February 2010)

In this issue:

  • Product news
    Outpost 6.7.3 now available

    Anti-Malware. Part 2: Auto-Update Engine 5.0 and Heuristic Analyzer

  • Company news
    Agnitum's 11th birthday

  • Special offers
    Frozen prices for the last month of winter

Dear Readers,

We’re sure you’re looking forward to Spring as much as we are. As another winter comes to an end, we’re happy to share with you the fruits of our long winter evenings spent in candlelight by the fireplace… or rather by the monitor and keyboard! The first of these are the new Outpost 6.7.3 solutions that include our latest update process improvements, closely followed by further developments of version 7.0.

Despite the gloomy weather outside, we cheered on February 1 when Agnitum Ltd. turned 11 years old. That’s a pretty good age for an innovative software firm! In celebration, we decided to turn the tables and give you, our valued customers, a birthday gift in the form of frozen prices.

Read on and learn more in these Agnitum Directions!

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please use our webmail form or blog to send us your comments and opinions.

Outpost 6.7.3 now available

We encourage all of you to migrate to the new Outpost Security Suite Pro, Outpost Firewall Pro and Outpost Antivirus Pro 6.7.3!

Outpost 6.7.3With this release Agnitum introduces daily updates for the Outpost installation packages. This means the regular incorporation of new malware and rules databases into Outpost. During the day, these databases are embedded into the installation package and downloaded from our website automatically, so you don’t need to waste time and Internet bandwidth to constantly download updates.

To sum up, these improvements ensure:

  • increased frequency of malware database updates: updates are now delivered three times a day (minimum) on weekdays. (Tip! Just tweak Outpost’s settings and opt for updates on an hourly basis instead of the default daily updates.)
  • the anti-malware engine now gets automatically updated through regular malware database updates, so you don’t need to run a separate update process to patch the product itself.

You can find Outpost 6.7.3 solutions on our website. You can also read the complete history of changes Outpost has undergone.

Anti-Malware. Part 2: Auto-Update Engine 5.0 and Heuristic Analyzer

Outpost 7 will retain the auto-update and traffic-saving approach and add even more stability and better performance, thanks to the new version 5 anti-malware engine, which is smoothly integrated with Outpost's other services in version 7.0.

Apart from the new engine, we'd like to tell you about another important technology — the new HAX anti-malware module. Read more in the Agnitum blog!

Agnitum's 11th birthday

Last year we were so busy developing security software that we forgot to celebrate our tenth birthday! So this year we’re fixing that bug :-) February 1 is Agnitum's official birthday, so please join us as we wish everyone in the Agnitum family — employees and customers — a very happy birthday!

Agnitum logoWithout the help and understanding of you, our devoted customers and supporters, we would not be here today, so check below for more details of a special gift to celebrate this milestone.

Eleven years is quite an age for a small, innovative software company. We’ve changed a lot since 1999, and so have our products. The only thing that remains unchanged is our commitment to protect your PC from all sorts of malware and web nasties. We vow to continue our commitment to take care of your security while you enjoy your computer for more productive activities.

Frozen prices for the last month of winter

Frozen pricesAs a special birthday gift, we’re sharing with you frozen prices for our permanent protection. If you still haven't protected your PC for lifetime, you can still get this very special deal: Outpost Firewall Pro Lifetime License, 1 PC, for just $39.95. To permanently protect 3 PCs with the best-of-breed firewall you pay just $59.95!

If you’re looking for all-in-one protection, $39.95 also buys you a 3-PC, one year license for Outpost Security Suite Pro!

To safeguard your PC against intrusions, targeted attacks, data theft, spam, viruses, and malware of any kind, go to our special offer page today. This offer expires March 1, 2010.

In conclusion

Spring 2010 will bring exciting new benefits to Outpost fans. Your Agnitum team is now working hard to deliver new Outpost 7.0 to protect all aspects of your computing life. Keep your eyes out for updates and special offers!

With best wishes,
Your Agnitum team

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