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Agnitum Directions (31 July, 2006)

  • Agnitum Directions: a new name and a new style
  • Product update: Release date update for Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0
  • Expert opinion: Agnitum issues first in-depth analysis of Microsoft OneCare Firewall
  • Entertainment: FIFA World Cup 2006 Quiz results

Agnitum Directions: a new name and a new style

Starting with the July edition, our monthly newsletter has a new name - Agnitum Directions™. The reason behind the name change is to bring together the following concepts:

  • Information about the directions Agnitum sees in the world of information security, as well as our views on the current situation;
  • We talk about how the market directions affect Agnitum's direction in product development;
  • This information is delivered directly to you, the reader.

Agnitum Directions is also changing its appearance with a new design which we think will be easier to read and more representative of Agnitum's brand and values. Please let us know what you think - send us an email at pr@agnitum.com

Product update: Release date update for Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0

Dear Outpost fans worldwide: we know that you're all waiting eagerly for the release of Outpost 4.0. And you know that here at Agnitum, we are determined to deliver the highest quality product to our customers. So please forgive us as we ask you to wait a little longer.

Here is the latest information on the development process and anticipated release date:

  • Development is now in its final stages. The second beta version has been released, with self-protection fully enabled.
  • We confidently expect the release date to be around the middle of August 2006.

Here's a quick reminder of the benefits of the new Outpost 4.0:

  • Information leak prevention;
  • Proactive and reactive defense against spyware, keyloggers, Trojans and identity theft;
  • Self-protection against deactivation by malware;
  • Improved Improvenet and Entertainment mode for even greater usability;
  • Enhanced flexibility settings for expert users, with the ability to use macro definitions in network access rules.

Check our website regularly for the latest release updates at www.agnitum.com.

Expert opinion: Agnitum issues first in-depth analysis of Microsoft OneCare Firewall

The firewall security experts at Agnitum have conducted an in-depth analysis of Microsoft's new OneCare Firewall, part of Microsoft's "Live" security initiative. The results are so far below industry standards that we felt obliged to share the results of our analysis with you.

Highlights of the report, which has been published by a number of online and print magazines, include:

  • The OneCare firewall failed all but the simplest leak tests and does not offer even the most basic intrusion detection capability, leaving users' PCs wide open to being hijacked into a botnet
  • The OneCare firewall database of pre-approved applications is very small, and adding each new application requires several user interactions and a reboot
  • Application access rules are limited to 'allowed' and 'not allowed'-users cannot configure different rules for different types or times of usage, such as allowing IE to connect with some but not all websites
  • Similar limitations apply to network file access and remote desktop operations
  • The Windows Defender anti-spyware component of OneCare imposes significant delays on program execution and is updated on a separate schedule than other OneCare components

Aren't you glad you chose Outpost instead? If any of your friends or colleagues are considering relying on OneCare for their security, please do them a big favor and show them this article.

The full analysis can be found on the Agnitum website at

The press release on this white paper can be found at

Entertainment: FIFA World Cup 2006 Quiz results

Dear World Cup 2006 fans!

We are pleased to announce the results of our contest.

The question was: Which national team will have the most shutout games during the tournament? We collected answers between June 14 and 24, 2006.

And our congratulations go to everyone who voted for ITALY!

Viva Italia!

Here are countries that received
more than 3% of all votes.
Others received less.

Of course, we also congratulate all the Italians who participated in this contest and have voted for their national team - and who are now celebrating their team's fifth World Cup Final victory!

All the winners will receive a lifetime license for Outpost Firewall Pro and personal letters with guidance for activation.

And now it's time to announce the name of the lucky iPOD U2 winner!

It is Doris Plumbohm from Germany!


We asked Doris a few questions by email, and we'd like to share that conversation with everyone who participated:

Q: Doris, please tell us and all the other participants - how does it feel to be chosen for the special prize from hundreds of contestant winners?

A: I'm very happy to win your World Cup Quiz, because I've never won anything in my life.

Q: Why did you choose Italy? Are you an Italy fan, or did you study the team's performance and make a scientific calculation?

A: I chose Italy, because I think they have the best defense of all national soccer teams. Italians have a long history in playing a defense system (Catenacchio).

World Cup 2006 Quiz main winner:
Doris Plumbohm from Germany
receives iPOD U2

Q: Please share 3 things that you like and don't like.

A: I like:

  • Sports, especially soccer and J?rgen Klinsmann (trainer of German football team),
  • Holydays in Spain,
  • Good restaurants.

I don't like:

  • Racism and anti-Semitism,
  • Bad weather,
  • To go to work on Sunday.

Thank you Doris!

The 2006 World Cup results showed that the team with the most shutout games also became the overall champion of the tournament. Once again, it is proven that you need a star goalkeeper and tough defenders to win the world's greatest football championship.

But to be a winner in Internet security, defending against hackers, spyware, keyloggers, Trojans and other malicious programs, all you need is Outpost Firewall Pro!

Stay tuned for more fun contests!

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