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Agnitum Directions (June, 2007)

Agnitum Directions (June 2007)
  • Beta test update: Outpost Firewall Pro 2008 – in beta 2, testing goes on...
  • Bug fix: Outpost Security Suite 2007 – getting better every day
  • Quiz: Are you a security wizard? Take our quick quiz and find out!
  • This month’s offer: Safe surfing with LinkScanner Pro at a special price!

Dear Readers,

Progress, progress, progress… As the temperature heats up for the summer, so does Agnitum’s development process. This newsletter brings you the latest in our progress towards Vista compatibility, as well as some improvements in the new Outpost Security Suite Pro. So our team is working concurrently in two very different technological directions (Vista and all-in-one protection), so they’re feeling pretty stretched right now! And speaking of stretching, why not stretch your mental muscles with our fun Security IQ test? Finally, there’s this month’s special offer from the safe surfing experts at Exploit Prevention Labs - get LinkScanner Pro at just $19.95

Your comments and suggestions are welcome, as always. Please use our web mail form to let us know what you think.

Outpost Firewall Pro 2008 – in beta 2, testing goes on...

It’s been three weeks since we started the first beta test of Outpost Firewall Pro for Vista and the team is confident they are on the way to a very solid product. So we’re opening up the beta testing process to anyone who wants to join in. If you’re running Vista and are keen to get your hands on a robust firewall, now’s your chance. Sign up for the Outpost Vista test group here.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s in the latest beta:

  • Anti-leak controls (for x86 platforms) and traffic stream interception implemented in kernel mode to ensure the most reliable filtering.

  • Outbound content filtering has been added to the inbound LSP (layered service provider) filter implemented in the previous beta to provide better control over application security.Written from scratch, this new functionality introduces a true ‘best-practices’ approach to online security and enables us to provide a more robust platform for the Active Content, Ad Blocking and Content plugins.

  • Content filtering is performed in user mode as before, which enables us to realize intellectual algorithms of traffic analysis, such as spysites blocking.

  • The new approach to content filtering ensures greater compatibility with other traffic analyzers, such as antivirus filters.

  • The interface design has been significantly improved (see below).

That’s our progress so far. We really appreciate all the help and feedback we’ve received from our initial beta 1 testers, and we encourage you to continue to provide the same high level of input as we move towards vista compatibility across all our products.

We’re introducing ‘2008’ into the new (Vista-compatible) product names for the simple reason that, by the time 2007 ends, Agnitum will have a full range of Internet security products that are compatible with all major versions of Windows in current use

Outpost Security Suite 2007 – getting better every day

Version 1.0 of any product is a challenge, and the first version of Outpost Security Suite Pro is no different. We’ve had praise, and we’ve had criticism. Some aspects of the software haven’t worked as well as we’d planned - but in large part, the software is doing a good job of providing all-round security.

We’ve now released the first bug-fix version of the suite. This new build should provide even more reliability and convenience without impacting the core principles of proactive protection, fast and effective anti-malware, and a wealth of customization and control opportunities. Please download the bug-fix version - you can install it over the existing version, and your configuration and license information will be preserved.

You can check out the Suite’s release history here.

Are you a security wizard?

Think you know security? You might want to think again!

Experts say that computers with Internet access are attacked by hackers on average every 39 seconds. Are you sure you’re doing enough to protect your personal data?

The security experts at Agnitum have put together a ‘Top Ten’ of Internet security questions you should be able to answer correctly if you really want to be safe when you’re online.

Ready to check your Security Wiz rating? Click here to go to the Wiz Quiz.

Special offer from LinkScanner Pro

Block threats permitted through your firewall & secure vulnerable applications.

LinkScanner Pro extends the capabilities of your firewall to ensure that the actual data passing through the firewall is checked for exploits and other security breaches.

List Price: $29.95
Your Price: $19.95
Exploit Prevention Labs is offering LinkScanner Pro for $19.95 (SAVE $10).  

"Hackers take advantage of weaknesses in your operating system, your browser, or other software... LinkScanner Pro 2.0 detects exploits and cordons off dangerous site; it also flags them in search results."

- Neil Rubenking, PCMag Review


Link Scanner Pro features:

  • Extend the capabilities of your firewall
  • Secure vulnerable Web-connected applications
  • Avoid threats as you search & browse the Web

Order LinkScanner Pro through this special email offer.

Receive $10 off on LinkScanner Pro. Buy now for $19.95.

System Requirements: Pentium 1.2 GHz or higher; 256 MB RAM; Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP Home and XP Professional

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