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Agnitum Directions (June 2010)

In this issue:   Special offer   Product news

New software — old prices (a short time after release!)

We are happy to at last present to you the new Outpost 7. In celebration of the new product line, we’ve decided to continue with the special offer for a little while longer. This means you can still get a great deal on Outpost Firewall, purchasing lifetime protection for as little as $39.95 (1 PC). Check it out — you won’t find a better offer on the market!

All-in-one protection with Outpost Security Suite Pro will cost you just $49.95 (1 year, 3 PCs)!

Just visit the special offer page and take advantage of this one-time offer today, or visit Agnitum’s Renewal Center!

Outpost 7 official release!

Outpost 7 adds a whole new layer of protection and brings additional benefits for both advanced and everyday use. This release is an important milestone for the Agnitum Team, and we thank you for supporting us all the way through the development process. Many thanks also to our loyal beta-testers and all other customers who contributed to the new products’ appearance and performance!

OUTPOST7 ReleaseOutpost 7: What’s new and what’s special?

The all-in-one Outpost Security Suite (OSS) Pro 7.0 (delivered along with Outpost Firewall Pro 7.0 and Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0) adds:

  • Protection for cached login details and passwords, electronic wallet IDs, etc, stored by the browser, IM exchanges, and electronic payment processors — to prevent the theft of personally-identifiable data as well as zero-day threats
  • Protection against malware corruption and unauthorized access to locally-stored valuable data (in private files and folders)
  • File and registry activity monitor for deep analysis of ongoing events
  • Updated user interface and compatibility following the style of Windows 7
  • Enhanced ability to detect and disinfect in the updated antivirus module
  • Return of the popular "stop words" web filter from earlier versions of Outpost

Outpost Security Suite Pro 7Learn more on our website and from the product history.

Compare the final versions of all three products on our website, then download the product of your choice. We encourage you to take advantage of the free upgrade if you have an active license for an older product. So go ahead — judge Outpost 7 for yourself! Alternatively, visit Agnitum’s Renewal Center to simply renew your existing Outpost protection. As always, we welcome your feedback.

In conclusion

That’s all we have for this month, but we hope you appreciate that Outpost 7 is finally hear and join us in thanking our development team for the huge amount of work they have put in to bring this product to market. And we won’t be sunning ourselves on the beach this summer either — watch out for more great new solutions and special offers for all our Outpost customers. Stay tuned and keep your eyes open for more good news as Agnitum continues to take care of your security.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please use our webmail form or blog to send us your comments and opinions.

With best wishes,
Your Agnitum team

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