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Agnitum Directions (March, 2008)

  • Product release:
    Agnitum unveils the fast, proactive Outpost AntiVirus Pro
  • Special Offer:
    Protect your friends and relatives with Agnitum's brand-new antivirus!
  • Security Teacher:
    Security Choices, Part 3: Proactive Security Solutions

Dear Readers,

This spring at Agnitum we welcome a new offspring. We have finally launched our standalone Outpost AntiVirus Pro (OAV) with advanced proactive defense measures and a new subscription-based price. We’re also making a very special offer to encourage your nearest and dearest to implement Agnitum security protection on their PCs. Finally, check out the latest Security Insight article to tell you about proactive solutions as your security option. All this in your March Directions!

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please use our web mail form or blog to send us your comments and opinions!

Agnitum unveils the fast, proactive Outpost AntiVirus Pro

Outpost Antivirus PROOn March 18, 2008 we released our first standalone antivirus solution — Outpost AntiVirus Pro — which incorporates the combined anti-virus/anti-spyware engine from our Security Suite, ID Block functionality to safeguard specific information like passwords or credit card numbers), host protection against zero-day viruses, URL blacklist of malicious Internet sites and self-protection against unauthorized program termination.

This makes OAV not just an antivirus program but a robust mix of reactive and proactive measures. And we’re offering the product at a completely new pricing model. Outpost Antivirus Pro is available at a flat annual subscription fee rather than the license-plus-annual renewals model that has become the industry standard.

The basic license for OAV covers installation on up to three computers and costs just $19.95 per year; a Family License for use on up to five PCs costs $34.95 per year. Prices include a full year of updates to the threat definition databases and program, as well as free email-based technical support. Yearly updates, or new subscriptions, will cost the same price as for the initial purchase.

The reason for us to implement this principle and to set the price that we set was simple. When considering prices, vendors of course need to take their own cost basis into account. Those costs can be split into two major categories: development-related and promotion-related. When included in the price, the latter may come up to $10 if we assume the average initial offering for an antivirus is around $40. But we don’t think customers should be paying for our marketing, so we absorb those, along with the basic development costs.

This means that when you buy Outpost AntiVirus Pro, you’re paying only for what really matters — continuous antivirus and antispyware updates and support.

Here’s what you get with Outpost AntiVirus Pro:

  • Fast virus scans with SmartScan technology that stores details of previous checks
  • Two-in-one protection: complementary antivirus and antispyware labs protecting you against viruses, Trojans, spyware, worms, adware and more.

Plus the ‘bonus’ functionality that does not require regular updates (but program updates are provided within the subscription fee):

  • Secure digital safe for the storage of confidential information
  • Host protection to stop zero-day viruses
  • URL blacklist to block malicious Internet sites
  • Best-in-class self-protection to prevent unauthorized program termination

Learn more about the OAV on our website here.

Download a 30-day trial version of OAV here.

Important! Please note that Outpost AntiVirus should not be installed on a machine that’s already running Outpost Firewall Pro or Outpost Security Suite! The new OAV product contains the same proactive protection mechanisms as OFP and OSS, so having both products on one machine will cause conflicts.

If you have friends or relatives you think would benefit from OAV, check out our special offer below.

Protect your friends and relatives with Outpost AntiVirus Pro!

As you are reading this newsletter, you are already a user of Outpost Firewall Pro or Outpost Security Suite Pro. But if you know people who could benefit from Outpost AntiVirus Pro, or you have another machine you’d like to install this software on, here’s how you can get six months’ protection free of charge!

Activate this special license key:


at this web page and receive a full registration code. You or your friend/family member can insert this code into the downloaded trial product and enjoy Outpost Antivirus Pro for half-a-year free of charge! Remember, too, that OAV can be installed on three machines with the same license key.

Hurry! The campaign ends in a couple of weeks, so you be sure to activate your key before April 10, 2008!

If you already have Outpost Firewall Pro and would like to use Agnitum’s virus protection, your choice should be Outpost Security Suite Pro, which combines all means of protection, including the antivirus module. You can upgrade from OFP to OSS for just $19.95.

And don’t forget to tell your buddies that, once they install Outpost AntiVirus Pro, they too can migrate to Outpost Security Suite Pro for $19.95 and complete the cycle of protection with both proactive and reactive measures.

Click here to protect your friends and your additional computers with Outpost AntiVirus Pro!

Security Choices, Part 3: Proactive Security Solutions

We’ve already covered two corners of the golden triangle of security – firewall and antivirus, and this article addresses the third – proactive protection. By proactive protection, we mean software that attempts to block illegal or unwanted application activity without the need to compare that activity to a set of known “fingerprints” that specifically match a particular threat.

There is no universal definition of what proactive security really is but the general consensus is that it represents any solution that blocks or otherwise prevents illegal or suspicious activity by applications at a local level. These solutions don’t need signatures to identify a potential attack – what they do is look at the application’s behavior in order to attempt to identify a potentially malicious process and stop an attack before it can infect or otherwise compromise the system.

Let’s take a look at the currently-available categories of proactive security solutions.

Click here to read more!

In conclusion

This month we’ve diversified our product line with a new standalone product. However, there’s always room for improvements and additional features, so we welcome your feedback and questions. As for now all you have to do is pick the existing product that fits your particular needs and relax while Agnitum takes care of your security!

With best wishes,
Your Agnitum team

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