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Agnitum Directions (March 2009)

  • Product news:
    New solution for SMB - Outpost Network Security 3.0 launched
  • Reviews and awards:
    St. Valentine’s Day edition of Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009 tops Matousec Tests chart
  • Special offers:
    You pay for Outpost, Agnitum pays taxes for you
    Outpost Firewall Pro lifetime license for the price of 2 years

Dear Readers,

This February we unleashed a new corporate-oriented product, topped the rating of the leading proactive and self-defending solutions and prolonged the special offer for Outpost Firewall Pro! Find out more in Agnitum Directions for March 2009!

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please use our webmail form or blog to send us your comments and opinions!

New solution for SMB - Outpost Network Security 3.0 launched

On February 20, 2009 we released a new product - Outpost Network Security (ONS) 3.0 which delivers comprehensive anti-malware and intrusion protection for Windows-based networks.

ONS ensures the integrity of business data by offering a number of robust security mechanisms:

  • Proven antivirus and antispyware ensures a malware-free environment
  • Award-winning bidirectional firewall delivers safe network connectivity
  • USB access lockdown prevents the business’s digital assets from leaving the network
  • Safe data repository to prevent data disclosure

In addition to the security benefits, ONS 3.0 offers a number of capabilities that systems administrators will appreciate and that will ensure corporate policies are maintained and enforced.

  • Centralized deployment to minimize IT workload
  • Centralized on-demand checks for malware on remote PCs
  • Online and offline updates to keep protection current
  • User group segmentation for more targeted protection
  • Remote configuration for easy, hands-on management
  • Full compatibility with all current 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems

One ONS 3.0 benefit that will lead to significant improvements in security management effectiveness is real-time control of endpoint activity.

Once a network is up and running, it can be time-consuming and difficult for IT staff to control events taking place on individual machines. Outpost helps to overcome this limitation by providing real-time monitoring of system and network activity for any remote host.

As in the consumer all-in-one product, subsequent malware scans on local and remote clients can be performed in almost no time through Agnitum’s proprietary SmartScan3 technology, which stores previous scan results in a single protected location, thus avoiding repeat scans of unchanged files.

Also inherited from home-user versions of Outpost, ONS’ built-in self-defense mechanism guarantees that workstation protection cannot be switched off by targeted termination attacks, ensuring network clients are protected 24/7.

Outpost Network Security protection can be installed on any Windows client or server platform currently supported by Microsoft, simplifying deployment and eliminating any learning curve. Outpost protection can be deployed on a company’s gateway PC, even if that PC is already running third-party security software such as antivirus or anti-spam.

Outpost Network Security 3.0 pricing starts at $224 for a minimum of 10 PCs, with per-user costs reducing as license quantities increase.

Don’t hesitate to try the product for yourself or give a nudge to your company’s IT decision-maker or system administrator! More details may be found at the product page.

St. Valentine’s Day edition of Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009 tops Matousec Tests chart

We are pleased to announce that the latest improved version of Outpost Security Suite Pro (OSS) 2009, released on February 14, 2009, has come out on top in the most recent Firewall Challenge test. This security research, performed by Matousec Transparent Security (www.matousec.com) on February 17, 2009, put Outpost ahead of 15 security suites - with an “excellent” mark.

Receiving a leading 93 % efficiency rating in leak-tests, termination and performance tests, OSS 2009 beat out more than 35 other personal firewalls and security suites tried against up to 84 latest “Firewall Challenge” tests.

A leaktest is a program designed to determine if a firewall’s outbound protection can be bypassed using specific techniques. A failure in any leaktest indicates that the software is unable to prevent the user’s data from leaking out if that particular technique is used by a hacker or other malware, hence the term “leaktest”. Many of the techniques used in Matousec’s leaktests are already in use by real-world malware: spyware, Trojans, keyloggers, worms and other cyber threats.

Leaktests are not the only challenge security software should be able to resist. Matousec Transparent Security also analyses firewall efficiency in:

  • general bypassing tests that emulate malware attempts to bypass protection generally without targeting specific components
  • termination tests that emulate attempts to disable the product and its defense functions;
  • spying tests (including keyloggers and packet sniffers) that test whether a product is able to prevent malware from spying on a user’s data
  • performance tests

Detailed test results are available at the test lab’s site.

"We'd like to thank Matousec lab for another thorough examination of Outpost security, this time the all-in-one solution - Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009. By becoming one of the leaders in this latest test we demonstrated the futility of opposing our standalone firewall product and security suite when it comes to proactive protection and resistance to leaktests", said Maxim Korobtsev, Chief Technical Officer at Agnitum.

More information about Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009 is available at the product page.

You pay for Outpost, Agnitum pays taxes for you

Good news for those of you who reside in Europe and have to pay a rather high VAT when purchasing Outpost products. In fact, you don’t have to do that anymore! According to the recent EU regulations, service providers are obliged to indicate prices including value-added tax - that’s what we do. The trick is: the prices indicated remain the same, because Agnitum pays VAT for its customers and thus saves you around 19% off the product price.

In other words, when purchasing Agnitum’s products online you pay what you see - 49.95 for Outpost Security Suite Pro, 39.95 for Outpost Firewall Pro and 19.95 for Outpost Antivirus Pro (1-year license, VAT included!)

The offer applies to the European Union only. Take advantage!

Outpost Firewall Pro lifetime license for the price of 2 years

In the beginning of February Agnitum launched a special offer for Outpost Firewall Pro lifetime licenses valid for 3 PCs. Now you can purchase such a license for $59.95 – the price of a two-year license! This is a time limited offer to expire in April. Hurry up to take advantage of ever-lasting protection!

In conclusion

Spring 2009 should bring new benefits to Outpost fans. The Agnitum team is now working in diverse ways to deliver solutions for all areas of your daily activity. Keep your eyes out for updates and special offers!

With kindest regards,
Agnitum team

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