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Agnitum Directions (March 2010)

In this issue:

  • Product news
    Outpost 7: More time makes for better product

    7.0 features: File and Registry Activity

  • Special offer
    Spring deals blossoming

Dear Readers,

This month we’ll report our progress with Outpost 7 product line, give you a glimpse into one of its new features and unveil the special offers for April! Read on and learn more in these Agnitum Directions!

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please use our webmail form or blog to send us your comments and opinions.

Outpost 7: More time makes for better product

After serious consideration we have decided that we need to delay the release date in order to deliver a product that’s as stable, smooth-running, and bug-free as possible. We know some of you aren’t happy with products that release bug fixes almost every week. So for Outpost 7, we are taking the time to make sure the product is fully ready for round-the-clock security duty.

Outpost BetaWe’re sure, when you experience it, you’ll agree it was worth the wait!

As a reminder, here are some of the additional benefits you’ll experience with Outpost 7:

  • NEW Application Guard protects access to passwords and credentials stored by the browser
  • NEW privacy and identity protection features
  • Optimized virus and software update processes
  • NEW monitoring tools
  • Improved firewall reliability and performance

As you know the current versions of Outpost are fully Windows 7 compatible, so you will not have any problems protecting your new PC.

It’s always been our philosophy to keep a balance between advanced functionality and ease of use, and we believe Outpost 7 will deliver 100% on both accounts. As always, we’ll keep you informed as development progresses and beta-test versions become available.

7.0 features: File and Registry Activity

In the meantime we continue to describe Outpost 7.0 features. The latest one covered in our blog was File and Registry Activity Monitor. An invaluable aid for advanced users, the monitor provides a big picture of (as you may have guessed) current file and registry activity. The user can analyze every active process, its path and time as well as track registry modifications in order to take action with Outpost’s ample functionality. Read more for details!

Spring deals blossoming

Spring offersAgnitum rolls out its juicy Spring offers! If you still haven’t protected your PC for lifetime, you can get this very special deal: Outpost Firewall Pro Lifetime License, 1 PC, for just $39.95. To permanently protect 3 PCs with the best-of-breed firewall you pay just $59.95!

If you’re looking for all-in-one protection, $39.95 also buys you a 3-PC, one year license for Outpost Security Suite Pro! Two years go for $59.95.

To safeguard your PC against intrusions, targeted attacks, data theft, spam, viruses, and malware of any kind, go to our special offer page today. This offer may expire any time so act fast before it’s too late!

In conclusion

While we develop Outpost 7 there’s always room for improvements and additional features, so we welcome your feedback and questions. As for now all you have to do is pick the existing product that fits your particular needs and relax while Agnitum takes care of your security!

With best wishes,
Your Agnitum team

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