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Agnitum Newsletter (29 May, 2006)

  • Product update: Lets unveil some secrets about Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0
  • New technology: Increasing security with new anti-spam plug-in
  • Security insight newsletter: 1-year anniversary issue!
  • Special Offer: AMUST Registry Cleaner 3.0 - get $10 off!

Product update: Lets unveil some secrets about Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0

Great news for Outpost fans around the world. The time is coming to the date of Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 release. The release date is not set yet but this long waited event will happen in middle summer.

We have talked about new features in Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 in previous newsletter and will say just about additional ones. In addition to security issues that cover data anti leakage features, advanced anti spyware control there are some major changes in ImproveNet and usability.

An Improved ImproveNet

ImproveNet was introduced in an earlier version of Outpost Firewall Pro as a means of saving users’ time and providing additional security by collecting, approving, and redistributing commonly used rulesets amongst Outpost users.

In Outpost 4.0, ImproveNet gathers information at the local PC level about how programs interact. These new local rules are automatically updated for ImproveNet subscribers and used to differentiate between safe and unsafe activities. This approach provides a new level of security over local processes.

Improved usability

Entertainment mode. When you’re playing intense games or watching a movie online, you don’t want to be interrupted by requests from your firewall to make a decision about allowing or rejecting a particular connection. So Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 offers an “entertainment mode” that suppresses firewall pop-up messages when specific programs (the list is customizable) are running. Switching to entertainment mode does not affect the security level of firewall while users are focused on the task at hand.

For Advanced Users - Adaptive Firewall Rules. Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 includes macro definitions for applications which allows users to manually define security rules for individual applications and Windows-based services. For example, users can now choose to limit DNS requests to the list of DNS services built into the network adaptor. If DNS is trying to reach an unlisted DNS server, the user will be prompted to allow or block this action.

Stay tuned with forthcoming release of Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 that will happen in the end of June-July 2006.

Anti spam technology: What is coming next for Outpost Users

Almost every user who has a personal e-mail address receives a lot of spam messages. There are many utilities that can identify spam messages and avoid unwanted messages to get to your mailbox. Some anti spam applications use black lists of servers that send spam messages, some use different algorithms to sort spam messages from normal ones. Still there is no high end tool that will stop spam messages once and for all.

Following the mission of the company, that is to provide users with a high security solution, Agnitum engineers have made a shift towards solving this challenging task of making a simple and powerful personal anti spam technology. Since August 2005, they have been developing this technology, which is based on Bayes algorithms. This technology is self learning and is installed as a toolbar in Outlook or Outlook Express. The interface is very simple, and user can set which messages to define as junk emails. Next time a user receives a spam message it is being compared with a spam messages database.

Since spam messages are found they are put in Spam folders where a user can always check them and mark for non spam.

As spam mechanism is getting smarter, you can always view the result of a decision making process. This means that it will give you an explanation why the message is marked as spam or considered to be normal.

When this application will be finally tested and approved, it will be integrated into Agnitum product line.

Security Insight Newsletter: 1 year anniversary issue!

This month we celebrate 1 year of our Security Insight Newsletter. One year has passed and the number of subscribers is over 10’000 people.

What Security Insight newsletter is for? Many people have been asking us about the way they can stay informed with security issues. Especially for busy people we have developed a Security Insight newsletter that helps stay up do date with basics of Internet security issues and important trends.

During first year we have covered different topics on Internet security, we were talking about phishing, safe work with Windows XP, spyware, described dangers from the net, have compared different browsers and their security level and have dispelled myths about antivirus.

Still many interesting topics are going to be covered in future issues.

Newsletters are all written in understandable for a novice user manner and are available in English and German language.

You are very welcome to join our farsighted readers and subscribe to our Security Insight Newsletter.

Special Offer: AMUST Registry Cleaner 3.0 - get $10 off!

Here is a great product offer that's available exclusively to Agnitum customers - $10 off AMUST Registry Cleaner 3.0.

AMUST Registry Cleaner 3.0, the next generation registry cleaner, allows user to safely scan, repair and compact Windows registry with just a few mouse clicks.

It introduces a new SmartScan technology for registry cleaning to fix PC problems and improve the performance of Windows systems. Over time any Windows registry accumulates old and incorrect records, which lead to system errors and slowdown in performance. In addition, spyware, adware, keyloggers, and viruses use registry to manipulate Windows.

AMUST Registry Cleaner 3.0 scans user's entire registry for any problems and repairs them quickly. Using AMUST Registry Cleaner 3.0 regularly makes user's system more stable and boot faster. AMUST Registry Cleaner 3.0 is absolutely safe to use as user can undo any change in case there is a problem. It also features smart registry backup and quick restore.

AMUST Registry Cleaner's features:

  • Error removal
  • Windows registry fix
  • Performance augmentation
  • Detect and clean non-removable, aka Embedded-null registry keys
  • IntelliCompact
  • Undo
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Scheduled Tasks - "Set & Forget"
  • Email Notifications

Download Registry Cleaner 3.0

Learn more about Registry Cleaner 3.0

Purchase a must have software, AMUST Registry Cleaner 3.0, for only $19.99 (SAVE $10!) until June 16, 2006

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