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Agnitum Directions (May, 2007)

  • Released Product:
    Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007 — official release

  • Special Offer:
    From Outpost Firewall Pro to Outpost Security Suite — tremendous discounts!

  • Beta Version:
    Outpost Firewall Pro 5.0 — Windows Vista-compatible, in primary beta

  • White Paper and Video:
    Proactive protection versus Internet-borne threats, or ‘Turn off the anti-leak and see what happens’

  • ID Theft Protect:
    Free security tips and guidelines from our British colleagues

Dear Readers,

Just after the May Day celebrations Agnitum launched the official version of its Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007. Users of Windows XP and earlier versions now have access to a total e-security solution from the vendor of Outpost Firewall. What’s new in the integral product and how can you benefit from installing it? How do you migrate from the firewall solution to the all-in-one product and why? We clarify these questions in the newsletter. There’s also encouraging news for Windows Vista users: we announce the primary beta version of Outpost Firewall Pro 5.0 compatible with the latest Microsoft OS. Finally, you can learn more about the proactive protection approach deployed in the Outpost product line and evaluate samples of Agnitum’s security video.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome as usual. Please use our web mail form to let us know what you think.

Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007 — official release

Two weeks after announcing the release candidate, Agnitum released the final version of Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007. You can take advantage of the 30-day trial version and/or buy OSS either online or offline — via the reseller chain in your country. In addition, you can find related product documentation and graphics in Agnitum’s product unit.

Let’s clarify an important point: why is Agnitum — a recognized firewall provider — adding itself to the club of integral security specialists? As we’ve said before, we’re not just “jumping on the bandwagon.” We’ve taken this step because we’re convinced that most users need a total e-security solution today! First and foremost, we will continue to support both the standalone Outpost Firewall Pro and the new Security Suite Pro, so our customers are free to decide which solution is best for their particular needs. Second, we strongly advocate the integrated solution as a convenient one. With the Suite, you have the added benefit of knowing that all components will work well together (and if they don’t, there is only one company to blame). When you use an artificial combination of third-party “best-of-breeds,” there is always a risk (albeit a slight one in the case of most commercial products) that there will be security gaps or conflicts between the different products, simply because they were not engineered to work together.

Still not sure? Consider the features embedded in the Suite. Apart from Agnitum’s proven firewall you receive:

  • Antivirus — an important addition to our security components for providing all-around protection. To meet this goal we chose and licensed technology that meets our high standards: VirusBuster, a Hungarian antivirus solution, which has scored 100 percent in Virus Bulletin many times. Using the licensed signatures database, Agnitum’s engineers completely rebuilt the initial engine and integrated it with our own antispyware base. This successful combination resulted in a powerful and fast scanner that detects and removes all kinds of malware using a single united engine.

  • Antispam — a small but effective feature. As a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express and a part of OSS, Agnitum’s filter weeds out spam intelligently using Bayesian filters and “self-learning” capabilities. If you are a fan of other email clients like The Bat! or Thunderbird (we’ve gotten many requests for them already), just let us know — we are looking at supporting additional email clients.

And just to mention some things you’ve already gotten used to as an Outpost Firewall user:

  • Pre-emptive protection. Prevention is always more efficient than after-the-attack cures. And we’ve never made any secret of our preference for proactive defense, as shown by Outpost Firewall. We’ve said many times, and will continue to say, that prevention (proactive protection) is more efficient and more effective than cure (reactive detection and removal). Outpost’s inter-application behavior monitoring maximizes the likelihood that malware and other threats will be stopped before they can get onto the PC and activate. The unique host protection detects and stops unauthorized activity, preventing new attacks and blocking threats at the earliest possible stage. But if malicious code still manages to find a chink in the armor of our firewall, our antimalware will jump in to complete the protection cycle.

  • Self-protection. Outpost Security Suite Pro detects when another application attempts to interfere with its own operations. This prevents malware from deactivating or otherwise disabling your protection.

  • Usability. Robust security doesn’t have to mean complexity of operation. Outpost’s flexible interface offers a wealth of options for advanced users to configure, but the out-of-the-box settings provide high levels of automated protection for a range of users, no matter how technically proficient.

So how will you personally benefit from purchasing Outpost Security Suite 2007? To sum up, by using the product you can:

  • Save money and effort as our solution is cost-effective and capable of combating all kinds of Internet threats;
  • Forget about component incompatibility issues;
  • Tailor the product to your current needs—which isn’t rocket science; and
  • Upgrade to Outpost Security Suite for Windows Vista for free as soon as the official version is launched (Fall 2007).

Please find more information at the product page (http://www.agnitum.com/products/security-suite/index.php) and consider migrating to the Suite. Although your time for consideration is not strictly limited, the next segment will explain why you’ll want to get Agnitum’s new product before June 2, 2007!

From Outpost Firewall Pro to Outpost Security Suite — tremendous discounts!

We’d like to remind you about an offer you really don’t want to miss. The principle is really simple. First, you need to check whether your Outpost Firewall Pro license is active or expired (the “My Internet” menu of the product indicates Registration Status).

If you are a “repeat customer” and holder of an Outpost Firewall Pro active license, the first special upgrade offer for you is approximately a 60-percent discount off the regular OSS price — with slight differences depending on license type (single, family, business/education). The offer will be valid for one calendar month (31 days) from the official launch date, thus the period is May 2 – June 2, 2007. The migration web page for active license holders is http://www.agnitum.com/lp/migration-active.php.

Outpost Firewall Pro users with expired licenses (as well as those “activists” who missed the special offer) will be given the opportunity to migrate to OSS at a 20-percent discount on a permanent basis. If you belong to this group, your page is http://www.agnitum.com/lp/migration-expired.php.

We encourage you to take advantage of the offer and enjoy Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007 at reduced prices!

Outpost Firewall Pro 5.0 — compatible with Windows Vista, in primary beta

Here’s the long awaited news for Outpost fans. Agnitum presents its first firewall for Vista, which has reached a battle-hardened milestone in its development strategy. We concluded long ago that our customers didn’t need an underdone Internet security product, and users expressed suspicion of a raw operation system, so we worked to deliver a well-conceived, quality solution. It’s now high time you got to examine the results.

We encourage you to let us know what you think and help us construct the brand-new Outpost! Volunteer beta testers are more than welcome to help us improve all that can be improved in the first beta. To join the tester’s army, click: http://www.agnitum.com/products/outpost/betatest.php.

You probably want to know what’s new in the beta 1 version of Outpost Firewall Pro 5.0. First, we’d like to remind you that the Vista-compatible product was in fact created from scratch. Porting of XP-firewall workouts was impossible due to objective technological reasons. This means that Outpost Firewall Pro 5.0 has a completely revised user interface and a number of improvements. Some of the latter are described below:

Windows Vista support: As we’ve already mentioned and made clear, the new firewall is compatible with Windows Vista and equally suitable for x32 and x64 versions. Starting with this beta version, Outpost Firewall Pro 5.0 will support IPv6 protocol — a criterion on which the Windows Vista internal firewall bases its security pretensions, for instance.

Proactive protection: upgraded, customized and even more effective!

Strengthened self-protection: The Vista-compatible Outpost Firewall gets even harder to deactivate than its XP predecessor.

‘Surfing safety’: Agnitum’s major concern and a separate functionality in the Outpost product line; now you can filter unwanted ads on any given web pages. The new beta caters to eradication of irritating adware, Active-X and other dangerous components.

Another important note: this primary beta version doesn’t contain an antispyware module. That will be added in later builds.

Users who love all-in-one solutions might also inquire: “What about the Vista-compatible Suite? When will it become available?” We expect to let you try the primary beta of Outpost Security Suite for Windows Vista later this summer. Don’t miss the news!

Proactive protection versus Internet-borne threats, or ‘Turn off the anti-leak and see what happens’

As security products evolve, malicious tools evolve even faster. You can fight those tools by staying at least one step ahead of a cyber-criminal. That’s what we call being ‘proactive.’ Those who assume Agnitum just throws around this term as another marketing buzzword would be wrong. We strongly advocate preventive means for blocking rogue access attempts and global security experts champion our efforts.

Agnitum’s new white paper tells you once again why it is crucial to protect your PC preemptively and clarifies the role of Outpost Security Suite Pro in providing this function. In addition, you can enjoy illuminating video and see what may happen if you say goodbye to Outpost or some of its functions.

ID Theft Protect: learn how to protect your PC!

ID Theft Protect

Agnitum’s Partner ID Theft Protect is pleased to offer you FREE access to the world's first STEP-BY-STEP PROGRAMME. Please click here http://www.id-protect.co.uk/subscription.php to join now and learn more about how to protect your computer and non-computer identity and find the appropriate solutions. Please use promotional code PC-01-AGN to access the STEP-BY-STEP PROGRAMME for FREE.

Why join ID Theft Protect?

- Access to a FREE simple to use Self Assessment Quiz
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- Access to the unique STEP-BY-STEP programme

That’s all for May! We hope we’ve given you plenty of good news and information this month! Looking towards summer, we’ll be doing our best to replace global downtime with creating more solutions for you. Making the shift shouldn’t be too difficult, as cyber-criminals aren’t known to sit back and relax in the sun, and Russian weather in June doesn’t tempt many summer vacationers either…

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