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Agnitum Directions (May, 2008)

  • Awards:
    Outpost Antivirus Pro collects home market award!
  • Monday Blog Updates:
    Your guide to Outpost 2009 features
  • Partners’ promo:
    30% discount on @promt translation software!

Dear Readers,

It’s time for another update on Agnitum’s achievements and development activities. Our brand-new anti-virus software has received its first major award – appropriately, a Russian award. We also have the latest information on the Outpost 2009 product line – now in beta – and we look forward to getting your feedback on those. Security Teacher brings you advice on how to control what information about yourself you reveal online. And finally, we have a cool new product offering for you from our friends at Promt translation software!

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please use our web mail form or blog to send us your comments and opinions!

Outpost Antivirus Pro collects home market award!

It’s normal that new products gain their first recognition in their home markets, so it's no surprise that OAV’s first award comes in Russia!

In a recent test conducted by leading Russian software observer Soft.News.ru, Outpost Antivirus Pro beat out established ‘name’ products like Panda Antivirus 2008, NOD32 Standard 3 and Dr.Web 4.44. The test was based on around 7000 malware samples, and OAV passed with flying colors and a 96,8% detection rate!

Outpost Antivirus Pro: First Award in Russia!

Here’s a quote from the test results: “Agnitum’s antivirus emerged as a leader in our test of four antiviruses, showing the best scan time, the highest detection rate and a lower price than other products. Dr.Web took second place with a lower detection rate, longer scan times, and double the price of Outpost. The bronze medal went to NOD32 Standard, but on a somewhat conditional basis: while the detection rate is not much lower than Outpost’s, the scanning process itself took unbearably long, which does not sit well with a relatively high price”. Read the complete test results here.

As Russian is probably not a language most of our readers speak or read, please ask us for more details – or take advantage of the Promt machine translation software promotion at the end of this newsletter!

Your guide to Outpost 2009 features

Agnitum BlogAs you know, we are currently working on the Outpost 2009 product line, which is now in beta. While we are on the road to this milestone, Alexey Belkin, Chief Software Architect for Agnitum, has been sharing his insight into the new features and improvements, over on the Agnitum blog. If you haven’t been following Alexey’s postings, you can catch up with them here – and please do send us your thoughts and ideas as we develop the products. Many of the improvements have been prompted by you, our users, so the chances are that if you’ve made a suggestion about improvements in the software, you’ll find we’ve already taken care of it! Look for new information about Outpost Pro 2009 in the Agnitum blog every Monday!

Here’s what Alexey’s posted so far:

If you would like to try the beta-version yourself and help us improve the product, please use this beta-program link. We look forward to welcoming you to our beta testing family. To make blog tracking easier, you can also subscribe to our RSS feed to receive new information as soon as it’s posted, or check the permanent link.

30% discount on @promt translation software!

Enjoy ease of use and translation accuracy with the new @promt 8.0 translator!

@promt translation software supports English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian languages. Use this coupon code to claim your discount: translator30 (discounts are valid till 30th of June 2008).

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@promt Professional 8.0 Multilingual
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@promt key features:

  • Convenient translation and editing environment
    Translate text quickly and accurately with just a single click.
  • Tune translation options to meet your requirements
    Professional translation customization options enable translation settings to be adjusted for your document.
  • Seamless multilingual web browsing
    Translate websites in real time into your native language using Microsoft Internet Explorer® or Mozilla Firefox®.
  • Translate right inside your favorite Microsoft Office applications
    Full-featured translation options are integrated into Microsoft Office® 2000/XP/2003/2007 applications (Word®, Outlook®, Excel®, PowerPoint® and FrontPage®).
  • Save time by avoiding repeat translations
    Once you are happy with the translation of a particular text block, use the Translation Memory module to store and re-use it whenever the same source text appears.
  • And even more...

Buy selected @promt translators:

 @promt Personal 8.0 Multilingual -
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$118 (was $169)
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 Translators supporting two languages
are also available
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Use this coupon code to claim your discount: translator30 (discounts are valid till 30th of June 2008).

Go multilingual with PROMT 8.0!

In conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed this issue! As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions to know what you would like us to do to improve our products, our product line-up, and our services. We appreciate your participation in our development process too, so please check out our beta-test site. Enjoy your digital life with Agnitum!

With best wishes,
Your Agnitum team

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