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Agnitum Directions (May 2012)

Dear Reader,

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Our big news in May is that the new Outpost Pro 7.5.2 has been certified again in the latest VB100 tests; the product’s stability was also recommended as "Solid" — an important attribute in the world of security, where everything is constantly changing.

If you know people who are using x64 PCs but not using Outpost to protect their machines, we encourage you to share the following article with them — we’re very concerned that most security vendors are ignoring their needs. Read on to see why.

Security test reveals users of 64-bit Windows are being left behind

Is your 64-bit AV proactive enough in blocking latest 64-bit malware techniques?The dismal results turned in by the big anti-virus players in the most recent Matousec.com Proactive Security Challenge Windows 7 64-bit tests are worrying. We are concerned that security companies are not catering to the needs of 64-bit PC/OS users. Are traditional AV vendors even capable of delivering reliable and robust protection to these users?

VB100 anti-virus tests prove Outpost’s consistent stability

VB100 April 2012Agnitum’s anti-virus products have been certified by Virus Bulletin under Windows 11 times in a row over the past two years. Outpost was also given a "Solid" rating for its stable behavior in the April 2012 tests. Thanks to Outpost’s SmartScan technology, Outpost Pro also outperformed more than 40 of the 48 certified products during warm scans, beating the average product performance by more than 80%. Who failed and who won this time?

Special partner offer

Need more speed? First scan your PC for slowdown issues

SpeedUpMyPCSpeedUpMyPC identifies slowdown issues getting in the way of optimal PC performance, then unleashes a powerful set of tools to optimize your system. Slowdown issues such as invalid registry entries are removed, and unused processes deactivated to free up space. Result: a computer that runs faster and just works better.

As always, we welcome your input. Use our webmail form, or chat with us on Facebook or blog.

With best wishes,
Your Agnitum team

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