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Agnitum Directions (31 October, 2006)

  • New product introduction: Agnitum Spam Terrier!
  • Test results: Outpost is Number 1 in self-protection tests
  • Web: Agnitum website now available in French
  • Special offer: Protect against zero-days with SocketShield software — 30% off!

Dear Readers,

With the release of Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0, the Agnitum team is entering a new era in product development and will be bringing you new weapons to protect your computer against hackers — starting with Spam Terrier, our upcoming anti-spam utility. In existing product news, Outpost 4.0’s self-protection technology came out at the top of 13 products tested by an independent security expert. And finally, we are pleased to offer you a $10 discount on the powerful zero-day vulnerability exploit software Socket Shield from Exploit Prevention Labs.

Best regards,
Alexander Kariagin,
Editor, Agnitum Directions

New product introduction: Agnitum Spam Terrier!

We have been asked by many of our users for a powerful but easy-to-use utility to fight spam. We all know how tedious it is to dig through tons of spam to find the email you actually want to read. So, to help you fight spam, we are developing a new product called Agnitum Spam Terrier.

We have already talked a little about this anti-spam utility in a previous issue of the Agnitum Directions newsletter, along with some early screenshots.

But there’s one thing we didn’t tell you back then — Agnitum Spam Terrier will be absolutely FREE. We have decided to make this powerful software available free of charge because we believe it has real social value to defeat spam, which is now becoming a serious disturbance to everyday communications.

Agnitum Spam Terrier beta-testing has started and, depending on the results, we plan to release the software early in 2007.

How does it work?
Agnitum Spam Terrier filters incoming email messages and filters out the messages it considers to be spam. It uses the Bayesian filtering algorithm (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayesian_filtering). The most significant advantage of Bayesian filter technology is that it gives Spam Terrier the ability to learn which messages are spam and which are not, because this will be different for almost every user. Spam Terrier is shown which messages are spam, so that the program can learn and then start to filter them out automatically. The benefit of this approach is that every user can train Spam Terrier to recognize what is a spam message for them (which may not be the case for another user).

Once messages are found and categorized as spam, they are placed in a special folder where users can check to see if non-spam messages were filtered out by mistake, training Spam Terrier to recognize spam better.

Let’s take a look inside Spam Terrier:

Options menu: General folder

The General folder lets you set the level of filtering you require

Options menu: Allowed folder

Here, you can create rules to allow incoming e-mails through the Spam Terrier filter.

Options menu: Blocked folder

In contrast to the Allowed folder, the Blocked folder lets you create rules for messages you don’t want to receive; these will be marked as spam and moved to the Spam folder.

Options menu: Advanced folder

The Advanced folder lets you configure various settings for using Spam Terrier.

Spam Terrier is installed as a plug-in to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express.

We hope that the self-learning Agnitum Spam Terrier will become your friend in everyday communications. Stay tuned for more news on its release!

Test results: Outpost is Number 1 in self-protection tests

Great news! Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 has already started to collect awards for its technology. This time the self-protection technology was tested by security experts. Outpost was tested against 13 other major firewalls and security suites and was the only one that passed all 38 tests!

These tests were all specifically designed to test how different security software programs react when an attempt is made to shut them down in order to allow malware to run unfettered. The full test results can be found at http://www.firewallleaktester.com/termination.php page.

Why is self-protection so important?
Some malicious applications, before they perform any action on the user’s PC, first shut down any security applications that may be running, and then proceed with their goals. In order to fight such attempts. Outpost 4.0 monitors for any actions that may lead to deactivation of its protection — tampering with its own files, system processes, registry entries, even simulated keystrokes.

The test results show that Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 provides the most robust self-defense techniques available in a security product today.

Web: The Agnitum website is now available in French

Good news for our French-speaking users — Agnitum’s website is now available in French at www.agnitum.fr. This is in addition to the English, Russian and German sites already available.

Users in countries speaking other languages can search for their local distributors of Outpost at http://www.agnitum.com/purchase/buyoffline.php.Many of these distributors maintain local language websites with information about Outpost products.

Special offer: Protect against zero-days with SocketShield software — 30% off!

Exploit Prevention Labs’ SocketShield is a unique program that specifically protects computers against vulnerability exploits like the recent VML Overflow, CreateTextRange, WMF and many others. These threats are generated by cybercriminals using WebAttacker and other script generation products to undermine users’ confidence in the web. SocketShield is lightweight, fast and won’t get in your way. Here’s what CNet had to say:

"Windows users can protect themselves by following the guidance Microsoft gives in its advisory, switching to a non-Microsoft Web browser, or installing security software such as Exploit Prevention Labs' SocketShield."

Now you can protect your computer against infection from hidden drive-by downloads on infected websites for just $19.95 (normally $29.95). Get more information on the Exploit Prevention Labs website at http://www.explabs.com/ss/index.html — but you’ll need to return here to use this URL to buy now at the discounted price.

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