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Agnitum Directions (October, 2008)

  • Product plans:
    Outpost Network Security 3.0 – development update
  • Awards:
    Outpost Security Suite Pro gets another VB 100% award – this time for Windows Server 2008
  • Security Insight:
    All you need to know about security leak tests
  • Special Offer:
    Get Backup Platinum with 40% off!

Dear Readers,

This mont, we’ve been focused on a number of developments, the enterprise-level product being the most important. Read on to learn more about our progress with ONS. At the same time, the OSS Pro home-user all-in-one package added another VB 100 award to its list of achievements, this time for anti-virus performance under Windows Server 2008. You’ll also learn more about the topic of this month’s Security Insight. All this in Agnitum Directions for October 2008!

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please use our webmail form or blog to send us your comments and opinions!

Outpost Network Security 3.0 – development update

Outpost Network SecurityWhile the development of a new version of Outpost Network Security, our business solution, is under way, we’d like to share with you some general information about the product and its features and benefits.

Outpost Network Security (ONS) is specifically designed to help small and medium-sized businesses protect their digital assets against the latest security threats while maintaining user productivity. ONS safeguards local area networks against external attacks and internal sabotage, and centralizes the task of deploying and managing protection in the hands of a systems administrator.

The product will incorporate the following features and benefits:

  • Prevention of security breaches
    ONS ensures the integrity of corporate data through a number of robust security mechanisms.
  • Antivirus to ensure a malware-free environment
    The VB100-certified engine in ONS combines virus and spyware protection to offer a continuous defense against malicious software.
  • Bidirectional firewall to promote trouble-free connectivity
    The award-winning firewall technology at the heart of ONS ensures the security and continuity of your company’s network operations, providing all-around proactive protection against unauthorized network access.
  • Host Protection to pre-emptively protect against unknown attacks
    ONS offers a special host protection module that constantly monitors application activity to assess its legitimacy. Such functionality is often a decisive factor in tackling unknown malware and zero-day threats.
  • USB access lockdown to protect business assets
    ONS blocks access to mass storage USB devices on target hosts, preventing the illegitimate leakage of company data as well as preventing malware from propagating through USB drive connections.
  • Centralized deployment to minimize IT workload
    With intuitive tools that map the organization’s network domain structure, mass deployment can be carried out in almost no time.
  • Group segmentation for targeted protection
    Connected computers can be organized into multiple groups, with each group having its own security policies.
  • Real-time control of endpoint activity for total transparency
    ONS provides control over events on individual workstations by offering real-time monitoring of system and network activity for any remote host. With this useful tool, administrators can see what sites are being accessed and what programs are currently active on any computer on the network.
  • Support for the latest hardware and software ensures smooth integration with existing network infrastructure
    Outpost Network Security protection is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, both 32- and 64-bit platforms.

Keep your eye out for further updates to see how we are progressing with Outpost Network Security, and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Outpost Security Suite Pro gets another VB 100% award – this time for Windows Server 2008

Outpost Security Suite Pro gets another VB 100% awardWe are happy to announce the results of the latest anti-virus tests carried out by Virus Bulletin magazine on Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009 and 24 other personal anti-virus and security suite products running under Windows Server 2008.

According to Virus Bulletin, “Combining the company’s own highly regarded firewall technology with a range of security extras including anti-malware detection provided by the VirusBuster engine, the product once again put in a solid performance, with a slick and well-designed interface and smooth, stable running”.

“In the clean sets, scanning times were fairly good, and an absence of false positives grants Agnitum its second VB100 in a row.”

Just to remind you, Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009 offers:

  • All-in-one anti-malware for comprehensive antivirus and antispyware defense with the improved SmartScan technology which makes malware scans up to 10 times faster
  • A two-way firewall to safeguard connections and prevent data leakage
  • Extended Host protection to protect against zero-day threats and anti-keylogger to prevent hackers from spying on data entered through a keyboard
  • Web control for safe surfing and blocking unwanted content
  • IP Blocklist to blacklist specified Internet domains and restrict incoming and outgoing traffic from sites with bad reputations
  • Self-learning anti-spam that integrates directly into Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Vista Mail and The Bat!

This VB100 award was preceded by two awards for Outpost Firewall Pro 2009 granted by WebUser magazine (UK) and ProtectStar Test Lab (in German, PDF document).

Download the latest editions of Outpost Firewall Pro and Outpost Security Suite Pro.

All you need to know about security leak tests

The term leak test, or leaktest, has become a popular buzzword among the security cognoscenti in the last couple of years. It’s in the news, it’s in the comparison charts, but what does it really mean? Why should regular PC users be concerned with leaktests and their implications in their day-to-day computer activity. How do leaktest results help you when it comes to choosing a robust security product?

These are just a few of the questions this article aims to answer. After reading the Security Insight for this month, you’ll have all the information you need to understand leak tests and interpret their results.

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Built–in CD/DVD engine allows you to erase the rewritable disk before burning and automatically split large backups to several parts using disk spanning. The program is based on multi–threaded file–processing engine and creates detailed logs of all operations. It also can run in service mode under 2000/XP/2003/Vista to execute scheduled tasks even when nobody is logged in. This tool supports open files backup so it does not fail to process files which are currently in use by other programs.

iconWebsite: www.Backup–Platinum.com (free 30–day trial is available)

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In conclusion

Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009 and the upcoming Outpost Network Security 3.0 are consuming all of our attention right now. The reason for this is simple: we are so excited about these new products! But we won’t be resting on our laurels while new cyber-threats and malware are evolving – so you can relax and let Agnitum take care of your data with the best security products!

With best wishes,
Your Agnitum team

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