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Agnitum Directions (October 2012)

Dear Reader,

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This month’s breaking news is the release of Outpost 7.6 products with Windows 8 support. If you’re considering upgrading to the new OS, it’s good to know Outpost protection will be there for you from the start.

We also took our first trip to a Virus Bulletin conference since we joined the ranks of antivirus researchers with our acquisition of VirusBuster. Read more about our visit to VB2012 in Dallas below.

Read on for more details.

Outpost 7.6 official release with Windows 8 support

Outpost 7.6On October 25, 2012, Microsoft officially launched Windows 8, the company’s long-awaited multi-device operating system. As with any newborn, this latest Microsoft offspring is sure to need extra care and protection, especially at the beginning of its life.

So you’ll be happy to know that, on October 26, 2012, Agnitum shipped its latest update, Outpost 7.6, to protect Windows 8 users right from the outset. Of course, if you prefer to stick with Windows 7, XP or 2000, you’ll still have the Outpost protection you know and love. That’s what we call a proactive approach :-)

Read more >>>

Agnitum attends VB2012 in Dallas

VB2012 DallasThis year’s VB conference took place 26-28 September, 2012 in Dallas, Texas, USA.

According to the Virus Bulletin website: "Over its 21-year history, the VB conference has become a major highlight of the anti-malware calendar, with many of its regular attendees citing it as the anti-malware event of the year."

This year, Agnitum decided to go transatlantic and check the conference out for ourselves, now that we are full members of the antivirus research community. We delegated Konstantin Kutikov, Head of Malware Research & QA, and Alex Kazachkovsky, Chief Software Engineer, to contribute their technical insights to the conference, as well as do some competitive intelligence and benchmarking.

Visit Agnitum Blog to read our team’s impressions of this important event.

As always, we welcome your input. Use our webmail form, or chat with us on Facebook, Twitter or blog.

With best wishes,
Your Agnitum team

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