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Outpost Awards

Since its inception more that 10 years ago, Outpost technology has been credited with many awards and accolades from the top testing authorities and reviewing organizations around the world.

Awards 2010–2014

VB100 April 2014     April 2014
Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.0 receives a fourth VB100 award in a row, this time under Windows 7.
VB100 December 2013     December 2013
Outpost Security Suite Pro 8.1.2 receives a third VB100 award in a row, this time under Windows 8.1.
VB100 August 2013     August 2013
A milestone Virus Bulletin certification under Windows 7. Outpost Security Suite Pro, ver. 8.1, makes a spectacular reappearance on the VB100 scene for the first time after the virus lab transition period.
Matousec 99/110     March 2013
Outpost Security Suite Pro 8 has achieved Excellent and Recommended ranking in the most recent Proactive Security Challenge test conducted by the Matousec.com lab. This research project put Outpost ahead of 35 security suites tested against 110 Matousec security challenges.
VB100 June 2012     June 2012
Agnitum antiviruses protecting Windows users gained the 12th VB100 award in a row. This time Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.2 got certified under Windows 2008 Server R2 SP1.
VB100 April 2012     April 2012
Agnitum anti-virus products certified under Windows 11 times in a row in the past two years. Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.2 now certified for Windows XP Pro 32-bit, out-performed almost all certified products, beating the average product performance during warm scans by more than 80%.
Matousec 95/110     March 2012
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.2 topped latest Matousec’s 64-bit Proactive Security Challenge tests ranking with a 86% ("Very good") result and a recommendation. The test put Agnitum’s suite ahead of 15+ well-known Internet Security/Total Security suites.
VB100 December 2011     December 2011
Agnitum becomes one of only 5 vendors with 10+ consecutive VB100 awards! Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1 now certified for Windows 7 Pro 32-bit.
VB100 October 2011     October 2011
Outpost’s Anti-Malware 7.5 beats out 40 of 44 security products in perfromance with 9th VB100 award in a row in Virus Bulletin’s tests under Windows Server 2003 R2.
Anti-Malware.ru Gold Firewall Outbound Protection Awards     September 2011
The Firewall Outbound Protection test conducted by Anti-Malware.ru in September 2011 shows that Outpost Security Suite Pro is the only Internet security suite to win gold awards in Maximum and Standard security configurations.
VB100 August 2011     August 2011
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.1 received eighth VB100 award in a row in Virus Bulletin’s tests under Windows Vista x64.
OPSWAT Awards     July 2011
Agnitum is an OPSWAT Certified Partner with the following product certifications: Bronze Antivirus, Bronze Firewall and Bronze Antispyware.
Matousec 144/148     July 2011
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5 topped Matousec’s ranking with a 97% result and a strong recommendation. The test put Agnitum’s suite ahead of 25 competing products for 32-bit systems.
VB100 June 2011     June 2011
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.1 wins seventh VB100 award in a row under Windows Server 2008 R2.
Anti-Malware.ru Gold Awards (May 2011)     May 2011
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.1 outperformed industry average antivirus by 84% in the tests carried out by Anti-Malware’s Test Lab and received Gold Performance On Access, Gold Performance On Demand and Gold Performance Office Software Awards.
VB100 April 2011     April 2011
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.1 gets sixth VB100 award in a row for effective malware detection under Windows XP SP3 with impressive results in proactive detection.
Anti-Malware.ru Gold Self-Protection Award     January 2011
Outpost Security Suite 7.0 achieved Gold Self-Protection Award in Anti-Malware.ru product deactivation tests under Windows 7 x64 with a 92% score.
Matousec 144/148     December 2010
Outpost Security Suite FREE topped Matousec’s ranking with a 97% result and a strong recommendation. The test put Agnitum’s free suite ahead of 20+ personal firewalls and security suites, including acclaimed commercial products.
VB100 December 2010     December 2010
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.0.4 received VB100 award in Virus Bulletin’s tests under Windows 7.
Bright Hub Award December 2010     December 2010
The first free security suite in the industry gets approval from Bright Hub’s blogger community!
Hard’n’Soft Editors Choice     October 2010
Outpost Firewall Pro 7 wins Hard’n’Soft magazine Editor’s Choice award.
VB100 October 2010     October 2010
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.0.3 gets another VB100 award for effective virus protection under Windows Server 2003 SP2
Gold Anti-malware.ru     September 2010
Outpost Security Suite 7.0 achieved Gold Self-Protection Award in Anti-Malware.ru product deactivation tests under Windows 7 and XP.
VB100 August 2010     August 2010
Outpost Security Suite Pro received another VB100 award in the tests under Windows Vista Business Edition Service Pack 2.
Matousec 143/148     June 2010
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.0 scored 97% in the latest Matousec.com’s Proactive Security Challenge.
VB100 June 2010     June 2010
Outpost Security Suite Pro gained a VB100 award under Windows Server R2.
VB100 April 2010     April 2010
Outpost Security Suite Pro achieved another VB100 award under XP SP3 in the tests performed by Virus Bulletin magazine.
Gold Anti-malware.ru     February 2010
Outpost Antivirus Pro was awarded with a gold medal for on-demand antivirus performance in the tests performed by Anti-malware.ru test lab.

Archive 2005–2009

Testing labs:

VB100 VirusBulletin 100% — the VB test grants its VB100 award to a security developer whose products have demonstrated consistent, 100% coverage against in-the-wild malware as tested under various Windows versions (e.g., 32 and 64-bit versions of the most modern client and server systems). Agnitum’s Outpost has been among the top security suite software to receive its consecutive VB100 certifications.

"With good detection across the test sets Agnitum earns a VB100 award."
Matousec Proactive Security Challenge   Matousec Proactive Security Challenge. Outpost Firewall Pro and Outpost Security Suite have topped Matousec test chart for many years showing superb proactive protection capabilities and excellent resistance to leaktests.
Works with Windows Vista   Outpost solutions are compatible with all modern OS’s from Windows 2000 to Windows 7, both 32- and 64-bit, all Service Packs! This particular nice logo is to certify Outpost has been working smoothly on Windows Vista for a few years!

Web sites:

Trusted!   Outpost Security Suite Pro has been awarded Editors’ Pick and Clean Software awards by Canadian Content, software download library and reviews.
Bright Hub   Bright Hub (US/Canada), review of Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009:

"A complete security and customizable protection, affordable price and good performance, Outpost Security Suite is a tremendous value."
ProtectStar Test Lab   ProtectStar Test Lab, an independent IT- and communication security organization with offices in the US, UK and Germany, carried out in-depth testing of best firewall software on the market. The coveted ProtectStar 2008 award was given to Outpost Firewall Pro 2009.
Smart Computing   SmartComputing, Outpost Firewall Pro 2008 review:

"Outpost is a well-regarded firewall that can keep your system safe with a minimum amount of intrusion."
SnapFiles.com   SnapFiles.com (formerly WebAttack) — Outpost Firewall rated the "best" by reviewers of the pool of the best firewall software.
Softpedia.com   Outpost Firewall Pro Softpedia.com — Outpost gets 5 points out of 5 from reviewers and "Very Good" rating from site users.


Personal Computer World   Personal Computer World (UK), review of Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009:

"Outpost has improved its security suite considerably with the last couple of versions, with 2009 being the most streamlined and best value for money yet."

"Most of these features are new or improved from previous versions, which shows just how far the suite has come over the past few years."

"When you take into account how cheap Outpost is compared to rival suites offering similar functionality, it"s an excellent way to secure your PC."
Web User   Web User (UK), issue 195, review of Outpost Firewall Pro 2009:

"Although using this software will force you to dip into your pocket, we think the best security is worth paying for, especially when it’s still good value and you’re getting the benefits of ease of use and extra features."
ComputerBuyer   ComputerBuyer magazine UK, review of Agnitum Outpost Antivirus Pro 2008:

"Solid and easy to use virus protection with useful features."

"At around a tenner for a one-year licence covering three PCs, Outpost Antivirus Pro is a convincing solution at a good price."
Personal Computer World   Personal Computer World UK, Outpost Security Suite Pro 2008 review:

"Outpost offers solid protection at a competitive price."
PC Answers   PC Answers, issue 183; Oupost Security Suite Pro 2008:

"If you want rock-solid security with the ability to tweak and tune, you’ll find plenty to love here."
PC Utilities   PC Utilities — Outpost Frewall Pro wins the Editor’s Choice and 5 star rating.

"Most home users will probably find a free firewall like ZoneAlarm adequate for their needs, but if security is a major concern, Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro can help put your fears at rest."
PC Pro   PC Pro — Outpost Firewall Pro is "the best standalone firewall" and "the best of its breed", gets Recommended rating.
PC Plus   PC Plus — Outpost Firewall Pro wins the Editor’s Choice among the slate of best firewalls on the market.
Australian PC User Magazine   Australian PC User Magazine — Outpost Firewall received a TopBuy Award.
Stiftung Warentest   Stiftung Warentest — Outpost Firewall chosen as the best firewall software in one of the most stringent tests available.
PC Zeitung   PC Zeitung — Test winner among the best firewall software, the download version of Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro has achieved best results in protection and functionality.
PC Professionell   PC Professionell — Outpost Firewall Pro is the winner in the best firewalls group test with a score of 88.5 out of 100.
Chip   CHIP — Outpost Firewall wins on functionality over Zone Alarm and Tiny personal firewalls.
PC-Welt   PC Welt — Outpost Firewall Pro beats the latest version of Zone Alarm.
com!   The well-known German IT magazine com! has rated Outpost Firewall Pro 3.51 as the leading among the ten best firewalls on its review. The award is based on Technical Excellence, Usability, Protection Level and Service.
PC Expert   PC Expert — Outpost Firewall PRO awarded the Editor’s Choice.
PC Expert   PC Expert — Outpost Firewall PRO awarded the Excellence Technique.
PCM Magazine   PCM Magazine — Outpost Firewall recognized as the most functional firewall software and awarded the highest rating of 4 stars.
PC World Komputer   PC World Komputer  — Outpost Firewall is named the best firewall software on the basis of price and quality.
ENTER   Polish edition of ENTER magazine — Outpost Firewall Pro selected as a "Recommended" product.
PC World Komputer   PC World Komputer — Outpost Firewall is named the best firewall software on the basis of price and quality.
CHIP Poland   CHIP Poland — Outpost Firewall Pro wins CHIP Power, CHIP Efficiency and CHIP Econo prizes.
PC Guia   PC Guia — Outpost Firewall Pro wins Editor’s Choice award.
Internet Ogledalo   Internet Ogledalo — Outpost Firewall chosen as the best firewall software, beating out Kerio and Tiny Personal Firewalls.
PC Actual   PC Actual — Outpost Firewall gets "Recommended" award.
Computer Hoy!   Computer Hoy! — in a best firewall software roundup, Outpost Firewall PRO 3.5 comes in first place (with a score of 9,62 out of 10) before McAfee, Norton, Kapersky and Zonealarm.
Råd&Rön   Råd&Rön (magazine of the Swedish Consumer Agency) — Outpost Firewall beats other best firewalls such as Kerio, Zone Alarm, Kaspersky Anti-Hacker and Sygate firewalls to get the highest rating.
Internetworld   Internetworld — Outpost Firewall earns 5 out of 5 points in the magazine’s "The Best Protection for Your Computer" test.
PC Hemma   PC Hemma — Outpost Firewall beats McAfee firewall and receives "Best in Test" award.
PC Shopper   Taiwan’s PC Shopper magazine has awarded Editor’s Choice to Outpost Firewall Pro 3.0.
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