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Jammer 2.0 Protects Your System While You're Surfing

St. Petersburg, Russia August 5, 2001 - Agnitum has released Jammer 2.0, a multi-barrier firewall which investigates incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, monitors applications, and protects the Windows Registry. Unlike complicated firewalls, Jammer is easy to install and use, without being - or hiring - a network administrator.

Jammer's AppWall(tm) technology lets the user define which applications may access the Internet. This eliminates the risk of Trojan horses transmitting your passwords or credit card information over the Internet. It also protects you from adware, spyware, and other programs sending private information to other servers on the Internet.

Jammer's scanning detection monitors all of your computer's ports to stop intruders from entering your system. The program alerts the user whenever there is an attempt to access the system through any of its ports. You can set Jammer to simply stop all port probes and other attacks, or send a message to the attacker's ISP, telling them that their service is being used for unauthorized purposes and asking them to stop the crackers' illegal activity.

All attempts to modify critical sections of the Windows Registry are monitored by Jammer, resulting in a warning message on your screen that allows you to cancel the attempted alteration. Since most Trojans are activated through the Registry, Jammer can keep them from being installed and run.

Hackers use a three step process to steal information from an unsuspecting user's computer: They install a Trojan horse on the user's system, use a port probe to run the hacking program, and use the user's own computer to transmit their private information to the hacker. With its multi-barrier protection, Jammer prevents the Trojan horse from being installed, prevents the port probe from running any unauthorized program, and prevents an unknown program from transmitting any data over the Internet.

Novice users will appreciate Jammer's ease of installation and intuitive interface. Power users will appreciate the Process Monitor, which allows you to see all of the programs that are currently running, and the Connections & Open Ports Monitor, which lets you view all connections that are in progress.

Jammer 2.0 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000, costs $24.95(US), and may be purchased securely online at http://www.agnitum.com. You can download a free, fully-functional, 30-day trial version of Jammer from the same address.

For more information, contact Agnitum at info@agnitum.com.

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About Agnitum

Since 1999, Agnitum has been developing and marketing Windows security applications for business and home use. In addition to Jammer, Agnitum also offers Tauscan, a powerful Trojan virus detection and removal application.

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