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Urgent information: OSS 2007-2008 users need to upgrade to OSS 2009

November 24, 2008, St. Petersburg, Russia – Agnitum informs of important changes related to the older versions of Outpost Security Suite.

As Agnitum is going to cease the support of obsolete antivirus bases (due to the implementation of a new mechanism) from December 1, 2008, we encourage you to migrate from the old versions of the all-in-one product - Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007 and early builds of 2008 which will get no more antivirus updates – to version 2009.

You’ll be able to migrate to Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009 free of charge (only for the registered users with the active licence). Just download the latest product version and insert your previous key!

Upgrading to version 2009 will ensure the newest and most relevant antivirus, antispyware and web control updates as well as all the benefits of Outpost Security Suite Pro 2009, such as:

  • Revamped interface that lets you to make all settings in just a couple of clicks
  • New SmartScan technology to make malware scans even faster and overall performance higher
  • Enhanced host protection and anti-keylogger feature
  • IP block-list to keep surfing clean
  • New antispam that also supports The Bat!, and much more!

* Please take into account that migrating from Outpost Antivirus Pro 2008 to the newest version is not compulsory but highly recommended.

Take advantage of the new product and stay safe online with Agnitum!


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