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Agnitum unveils the summer editions of Outpost 2009 antivirus products with WinServer 2008 SP2 and Vista SP2 support

New iteration of shiny and sunny Outpost protection with a revamped antimalware engine and ever-green proactive defense is now on the market.

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, June 16, 2009: The security experts at Agnitum, the publisher of Outpost Pro product line, are pleased to announce the new iteration of Outpost 2009 solutions – Outpost 6.5.5 which brings along further security improvements with a brand-new antivirus engine and extended compatibility.

Outpost Pro 2009 product line comprised of an all-in-one Outpost Security Suite Pro and standalone Outpost Firewall Pro and Outpost Antivirus Pro 2009 has shown further progress and has come in time to furnish the summer of 2009 with security novelties.

Agnitum preserves the tradition of monthly software updates for all home products. Each month brings more security measures and ease-of-use keeping pace with the ever-evolving malware threats.

The current improvements include:

  • a new version of Agnitum's anti-malware engine that guarantees advanced detection rate and even faster operation with minimal lag on system resources;
  • solid compatibility with the latest OS's Windows Server 2009 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2, both 32- and 64-bit.

Simultaneously, Agnitum works to ensure Windows 7 support for the whole product range and expects to launch the compatible versions later this summer.

Trial versions of Outpost 2009 Summer Edition products can be downloaded from:

About Agnitum

Founded in 1999, Agnitum Ltd. (www.agnitum.com) is committed to delivering and supporting high-quality, easy to use security software. The company’s products are standalone Outpost Firewall Pro and Outpost AntiVirus Pro, securing personal and family desktops; Outpost Network Security, ensuring reliable endpoint protection and performance for small business networks; and Outpost Security Suite — an all-in-one Internet security solution.

For more information, please contact:
Pavel Goryakin
Agnitum Ltd.

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