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Outpost Firewall Protects Corporate Networks

St. Petersburg, Russia – March 27, 2005 - Agnitum Ltd releases Outpost Office Firewall, designed to protect corporate networks from inbound and outbound threats. Most office networks are as vulnerable to Internet threats as home computers. Considering those threats can come from outside as well as inside the network perimeter, the overall security challenge cannot be underestimated. To protect office users from DNA attacks, worms, Trojans and other dangers, Agnitum developed Outpost Office Firewall based on the award-winning code employed in Outpost Firewall Pro.

Agnitum now offers protection for office users at the peak of demand. The BBC reports that a survey by the U.K. National Hi-Tech Crime Unit found 83% of U.K. companies have been the victims of computer crime in 2004. The vast majority of crimes, 77%, were virus attacks and, on average, companies face 254 assaults from malicious programs every year. Of the many companies responding to the survey, 20% said they had been the subject of a denial-of-service attack that bombarded their web site with enormous amounts of data. This problem, however, could be prevented if companies employed a solid firewall system. Outpost is renowned for its ability to block all kinds of hacker attacks, and the new office version protects corporate networks from all kinds of intrusions.

A major concern for many companies is the leak of confidential information. Spyware and Trojans may send important data outside of the company’s network, thus bringing the confidentiality of many projects at risk. That’s why outgoing data must be filtered as thoroughly as the incoming. Outpost is the only firewall on the market that provides an extremely refined system of outgoing traffic filtering and it is recognized as an outstanding security product on that basis. The German center for independent quality assessment, Stiftung Warentest, selected Outpost as “best in test” for its ability to filter outgoing data.

“There is no excuse for users in the workplace to be troubled by spam or viruses,” claim readers of the BBC web site. With Agnitum’s Outpost Office Firewall, users get a cost-effective solution to secure the end-points of their corporate networks from external and internal threats. Based on the best-of-breed personal firewall, it provides a superior arsenal of defense and also allows you to centrally deploy, configure and update the software on each client computer. This makes Outpost Office Firewall the core element of a multi-layered protection system for modern security measures.

Here are some features of Outpost Office Firewall:

  • Agnitum Command Center. The Command Center deploys, administers and updates software from a central location. Individual workstations can be controlled from one central location for easier troubleshooting and task monitoring.
  • Application Filtering. Outpost Office Firewall filters all applications that access the network for sending or receiving data.
  • Attack Prevention. Stealth mode hides client computer presence on a network.
  • Malicious Code Protection. Outpost does not allow malicious applications to be activated as a part of legal programs.
  • Privacy Shield. Active Content plug-in manages active content of web sites that might be harmful to client’s system and also protects client web navigation history by flexible blocking referrers and cookies.

# # #

Outpost Office Firewall is now available for purchase at www.agnitum.com

About Agnitum

Agnitum is a leader in security and privacy software for home and office computers. The company’s flagship product, Outpost Firewall Pro, provides a superior arsenal of defense against PC infiltration by denying unauthorized access by remote hackers and protecting against data theft, denial-of-service attacks, privacy violation, Trojan horses, spyware and more. Four major criteria define Agnitum software: security, control, privacy and ease of use. The effectiveness of Agnitum software has been recognized by independent security experts and by international media awards.

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro is one of the most secure firewalls for Windows, a fact that is proven by many independent reviews and millions of users around the world. Outpost provides a superior arsenal of defense against all kinds of PC infiltration. Outpost Firewall Pro is the only product of its breed to implement plug-in technology, which allows third party developers to further extend Outpost's functionality.

For more information, contact Agnitum at pr@agnitum.com.

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