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Igor Pankov, Agnitum Security Insight Author

Igor Pankov
Product Marketing Manager,
Agnitum Ltd.

Igor's Biography

Igor has always been fascinated with computers, the Internet, and the freedom of knowledge at your fingertips. When Internet connectivity arrived in Russia, Igor was in high school and access to this fascinating new world was only available through 2.4 kbps undercover channels, but he soon realized it held enormous possibilities for the advancement of knowledge and he was eager to get the best of it.

Igor graduated in 2000 with a Master's Degree in Industrial Management from Baltic State Technical University of St. Petersburg, Russia. For the first few years after graduation, he held security and information technology positions with several different companies, including pharmaceuticals and online counseling.

Igor joined Agnitum in 2003 as a security consultant and later became Product Manager for the Outpost firewall product range. In addition to his core responsibility of getting quality products to market on schedule, Igor also compiles marketing documentation and white papers, monitors security trends and events, analyzes competing products, and writes security articles for newsletters and magazines.

In his spare time, Igor enjoys sports, reading, and escaping into the real world when he needs a break from computers!


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