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Quantor Selects Outpost Firewall Pro

Quantor Scanning Ltd is one of the UK's most technically innovative electronic document management (EDM) companies. Unlike most similar businesses that evolved from the microfilming sector, Quantor was formed in 1998 specifically to take advantage of high-technology solutions using best of breed scanning and IT systems.

Quantor does still continue to provide EDM solutions on traditional platforms, but increasingly, Internet based systems are becoming more popular and they now make up a significant element of the business. Accordingly, Quantor need a robust and flexible firewall solution to protect their web servers. Agnitum's Outpost Firewall Pro was chosen to do the job.

Documents on the Web

From the outset it was recognised that use of the Internet could significantly reduce the time taken to make scanned documents available to end-users. Instead of cutting 100,000's of pages to CD and sending these out for customers to load into their systems, the documents could just be made available, via the Internet, direct from Quantor's centralised data centre.

Quantor offers two Internet based EDM solutons: Search and view, a browser-based system and Search by mail, which delivers documents by email. These web-based solutions offer many business benefits to Quantor's customers but they do shift responsibility for data storage, backup and recovery and system security, from the client to Quantor.

Outpost Firewall Pro - Tangible Benefits

Clive Dunkey, MD of Quantor Scanning Ltd, believes that the additional flexibility of Outpost Firewall Pro is the key to the product's success:

"Although we initially implemented a hardware firewall, we soon found that this did not give us the flexibility we needed for the differing requirements throughout the business. Outpost Firewall is totally configurable and gives us tremendous scope when implementing security for both customer facing and internal systems".

Quantor use Windows 2003 Web Servers for customer facing applications and Windows 2000 Pro on the desktop. The use of laptops away from the office is an area that has benefited from Outpost's protection. Clive Dunkey explains:

"With a hardware firewall, PC's may well be protected when connecting to the net via our LAN, but of course laptops are used away from the office. Now that our laptop estate is protected by Outpost Firewall Pro, we can feel confident that they can be used at home and on client sites in total safety".

More Than Just A Firewall

Through its unique plug-in architecture, Outpost Firewall Pro offers a number of exciting features that can help a business protect itself and its staff from the multifarious threats posed by the Internet. Just one example of this is the "content filtering" plug-in. This can be used to block access to web sites with undesirable (such as sexually explicit) content.

Outpost Firewall Pro can even be used to speed up Internet response times and to improve the surfing experience. As Clive Dunkey says:

"The web is now a valuable business tool and managers and technical staff use it regularly in the course of their work. We use Outpost Pro to block annoying ads and pop-up windows and this makes the Internet a more effective resource".

And In Summary...

Quantor Ltd use Outpost Pro to protect their core business servers from Trojans and other Internet based attacks. Outpost Pro is used on the desktop, and on laptops, and gives unbeatable levels of protection and a much improved web browsing experience.


Quantor Ltd is based in Walsall, in the UK. They can process up to 20 million documents per year at their central data centre using the latest scanning and indexing technology. For more info follow this linkor contact Clive Dunkey on 01922 724499.

Outpost Firewall Pro is distributed in the UK by Avventure Ltd. For more information on Outpost and other security software follow this linkor contact Mark Hoffmann or 01543 306729.

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