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One leading industrial corporation needed security software to protect its employees when traveling and connecting to the corporate network through a VPN. Personal firewall software was the obvious solution, but there are at least five firewalls worth considering. After a careful analysis it became evident there was a clear winner. One personal firewall was selected as the best fit, satisfying every need.

"I decided to choose Outpost because the software is less resource hungry than other ones (memory and network throughput), also the price was attractive", said Peter Dassow , corporate IT manager. "Of course the features (e.g. trusted zone) are also important for us. For me, it is self-evident that all security criteria are fulfilled."

The executives and staff of this company can rest assured that with Outpost personal firewall their corporate communications are well protected. The Update Feature guarantees the effectiveness of Outpost to protect the employees against any new threats no matter from where they connect to the corporate net.

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