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When All Your Questions Are Answered 

Margaret Wilson, a real-state agent, is a new computer user. After being advised to buy security software as a "must have for all users", she had the dilema of what software to choose. There are a lot of firewalls, anti-virus utilities and other security related products. She found out what each one did and decided to start with a firewall and selected Agnitum Outpost.

"Their support service is just great. Bottom line." says Margaret. "I never thought all my boring questions will ever be answered until I pay for a license. Surprisingly, they responded even before I decided to go with their software. Amazing! Their support is so premium – even such a novice as I can enjoy using a firewall"

Together with the premium support provided by Agnitum, Margaret got a stable and easy to use firewall that has features found generally in hi-end corporate firewalls

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