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Agnitum's Tauscan: The First Product To Completely Neutralize The Threat Posed By Trojan Horse Viruses

St. Petersburg, Russia March 31, 2000  - Agnitum Ltd. today announced the release of Tauscan 1.0, the only product that offers a complete solution to the threat posed by Trojans Horses to business and home users of personal computers. Tauscan is a universal Trojan Horse scanner that can detect and remove almost one thousand Trojan Horse viruses including modifications and variants that may have infected a user's system. This figure is almost twice as much as many competitive products in the same class.

A Trojan Horse is a destructive program masquerading as a benign application. It may have been disguised a free game, joke program or even a Windows enhancement such as a screen saver for example. Unlike common computer viruses, Trojan Horses do not replicate, but can be just as dangerous because they allow a remote user located anywhere in the world, unrestricted access to an unsuspecting user's machine. Once installed, intruders can gain access the user's machine via a TCP/IP connection and can then monitor, administer and perform any action on it that the user can just as they were sitting right in front of it themselves. For example, an intruder can steal the user's credit card details and sell them on to a third party. Or record the user's keystrokes so as to give him access to restricted sites. Or simply to gain access in order to perform mischievous tasks such as rebooting the machine without warning when the user is working on an important document. The possibilities are endless.

Firewalls and Anti-Virus software doesn't address the threat of Trojan Horses properly and that has resulted in an explosion of rogue applications in recent months. These backdoors as they are also known as, are freely available on the Internet and can be installed and run by almost anyone bent on gaining access to another user's machine without their knowledge.

To combat this very real threat, Agnitum has developed Tauscan. This is an application that has been designed solely to address the threat posed by backdoors. It will purge the user's machine of all traces of Trojan viruses and from that point forward, it will effectively prevent re-infection.

The new program has been especially designed with novice users in mind and incorporates many innovative features not found in any other application of its type. These include drag & drop scanning, right-click scanning and a user-friendly Wizard to name but a few. Tauscan can also be updated by downloading the very latest virus definition files whenever the user chooses along with program upgrades. These are available from our own server as well as from a number of mirror sites around the world.

Tauscan is a shareware program freely available for download and priced US$29,95.

For more information please visit http://www.agnitum.com or contact info@agnitum.com 

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About Agnitum

Since 1999, Agnitum has been developing and marketing Windows security applications for business and home use. In addition to Jammer, Agnitum also offers Tauscan, a powerful Trojan virus detection and removal application.

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