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Agnitum releases Tauscan 1.5

St.Petersburg, Russia - November 10, 2000. After Tauscan's successful launch in the spring of this year, Agnitum Ltd., is very pleased to announce the release of the latest version of its renowned and efficient Anti-Trojan application. The latest upgrade has been designated ďTauscan v1.5Ē and is free to registered users of the previous versions. This new release incorporates many new sophisticated features that will prove to be very beneficial in the fight against malicious code.

Tauscan is a universal Trojan Horse scanner that can detect and remove almost 1800 Trojan Horse viruses that may have infected a user's system. That figure is almost three times the number the majority of competitor products in the same class purport to remove.

Although Trojan Horses do not replicate in the same way that other computer viruses do, they can be just as dangerous because they allow a remote user located anywhere in the world, unrestricted access to an unsuspecting user's machine. Once installed, intruders can gain access the user's machine via a TCP/IP connection and can then monitor, administer and perform any action on it that the user can, just as they were sitting right in front of it themselves. For example, an intruder can steal the user's credit card details and then sell them on to a third party. Backdoors can also record the keystrokes needed to type a password to a restricted site. The Trojan then transmits the information to the remote user. Backdoors often incorporate user-friendly interfaces which means that very little technical knowledge or skill is required to install and then use them. Even a child could cause havoc to a system by rebooting the machine when the user is in the middle of writing an important document for example. Worse still, all these processes are completely hidden from the user.

Firewalls and Anti-Virus software donít address the threat of Trojan Horses properly and that has resulted in an explosion of rogue applications in recent times. Backdoors are freely available on the Internet and can be installed and run by almost anyone bent on gaining access to other usersí machines without their knowledge or permission.

To combat this very real threat, Agnitum Ltd. developed Tauscan. This application that has been designed solely to address the threat posed by backdoors. It will purge the user's machine of all traces of Trojan viruses and from that point onwards, it will effectively prevent re-infection.

The latest upgrade that features the same popular user-friendly interface updates the original program with the following enhancements:

  1. A completely new extraction engine for weeding out viruses hidden in archive files in order to ensure that all files on the userís system are completely safe from harm.
  2. An interactive Trojan database browser that allows the user to access the very latest information on every single backdoor currently in circulation.
  3. An updated database containing almost 1800 known backdoors to date that the new version of Tauscan is capable of eliminating. Many minor glitches have been fixed.

Unlike most other applications in the same class, Tauscan can be regularly updated. The latest virus definition files and program updates are available for download from our own server as well as from mirror sites around the world.

By eliminating deliberate destruction by a third party, Tauscan effectively provides peace of mind to online users who might otherwise become the victim of crackers bent on causing havoc to the userís machine by deleting essential system files for example. In that respect, backdoors are frequently to blame for unexpected Illegal Operation errors and system crashes.

By providing this kind of protection, the cost of seeking help via costly telephone support lines is effectively reduced because Tauscan eliminates a backdoor as the likely cause of the machine appearing to behave strangely for no apparent reason. The user can at least rest assured that the problem is either due to a hardware fault, or to incorrectly installed software.

By ensuring that the system is cleaned of rogue applications and then by preventing re-infection, Tauscan also cuts down on the administrative cost of maintaining an efficient network or single user machine.

Tauscan is a shareware program freely available for download and priced at only US$29,95.

For more information please visit http://www.agnitum.com or contact info@agnitum.com 

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About Agnitum

Since 1999, Agnitum has been developing and marketing Windows security applications for business and home use. In addition to Jammer, Agnitum also offers Tauscan, a powerful Trojan virus detection and removal application.

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