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Agnitum Opens North American Office, Launches First Corporate Firewall

St. Petersburg, Russia - San-Jose, Calif., USA– June 1, 2005 Agnitum is pleased to announce the opening of their first office in North America. The opening of this new office coincides with the US launch of the company's first corporate-level product, Outpost Office Firewall.

The New Product

A major concern for many companies is the leak of confidential information. Spyware and trojans may send important data outside of the company's network, thus risking business confidentiality, so outgoing data must be filtered as thoroughly as incoming. Outpost is the only firewall to provide a highly refined system of outgoing traffic filtering and has been recognized as an outstanding security product on that basis.

Outpost Office Firewall, based on the award-winning code used in Outpost Firewall Pro, is designed to protect small and medium businesses (SMBs) from inbound and outbound threats -- DDoS attacks, worms, Trojans, disgruntled employees, and more -- when used as the core element of a multi-layered protection system.

  • Agnitum Command Center deploys, administers and updates software from a single location. Individual workstations can be centrally controlled for easier troubleshooting and task monitoring.
  • Application Filtering screens all applications that access the network to send or receive data.
  • Attack Prevention uses stealth to hide client computers' presence on a network. Malicious Code Protection prevents malware from being activated as part of legal programs.
  • Privacy Shield plug-in monitors active content of web sites that might be harmful and also protects web navigation history by flexibly blocking referrers and cookies.

The New Office

Agnitum's new North American presence is being spearheaded by startup sales and marketing consultancy Euresto Partners. Principals Jim Leonard and Pat Bitton, respectively VP Sales and VP Marketing for Agnitum North America, have many years' experience in information security with companies such as McAfee, Dr Solomon's, Symantec, Trend Micro, PestPatrol, CertifiedMail, and Orchestria.

"We're delighted to announce our first real US market presence," says Agnitum Vice President of Sales & Marketing Mikhail Penkovsky. "Outpost products have been widely acclaimed in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, and we feel we are now ready to invest in the key North American market. Jim and Pat have a strong background in information security experience and their market knowledge will be invaluable in bringing our products to the attention of North American buyers."

Adds Channel Manager Nikolay Vasiliev: "We have a number of initiatives planned for the North American launch of Outpost Office Firewall which will build on the popularity of Outpost Firewall Pro among home users. We expect to be announcing several partnership agreements in the near future."

# # #

Agnitum Ltd. (www.agnitum.com) is a software development company committed to delivering and supporting high quality security software products. Agnitum offers two headline products - Outpost Firewall PRO, securing personal and family desktops, and Outpost Office Firewall, ensuring a reliable endpoint protection and performance of the corporate network. Agnitum delivers computer security solutions to large enterprises, small and medium businesses, as well as home PC users.

For more information, contact Agnitum at pr@agnitum.com.


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