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Lightweight antivirus

Outpost Antivirus Pro, the ‘lite’ version of the Security Suite, is a standalone antivirus program that is focused on keeping your PC free of viruses and other types of malware. It’s definitely a good thing that comes in a small package! Solid detection, no resource-hungry extras, no system slowdowns.

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How does Outpost Antivirus protect you?

Your private information stays private

Outpost protects your system, data, and content against all types of web-borne threats. That means your photos, documents, and emails will not be stolen or exposed.

Your USB devices are secure

Some seemingly harmless memory sticks with family photos or documents can turn out to be a real zoo for viruses. Outpost makes sure your USB devices stay clean and disinfects your friends’ Flash drives too.

Your online payments are safe

With Outpost installed, you can rest assured that your credit cards and other payment accounts are safe. Outpost prevents data leaks, so cyber-thieves can’t steal your payment data. Enjoy secure online shopping and banking!

Forget system slowdowns

How often have you heard that antivirus software slows your system down? Not Outpost. Outpost Antivirus stands for quiet and resource-friendly protection, no more and no less. It does its job without slowing down yours!

What’s do you get with Outpost Antivirus?


Accurate detection and flawless disinfection - it’s all you need to keep your PC free of malware.

Proactive Protection

Block new malware - however sophisticated and complex it may be - before the antivirus can specifically identify it.

Mail Scanner

Makes sure your inbox is free from viruses, so there are no nasty surprises in your email.


Save time on subsequent virus checks and increase your scanning speeds by a factor of ten!

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What’s inside

Security Suite




Personal Firewall

Proactive Protection

Site Blacklist

Web Content Blocking

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