Outpost AV Service

Outpost AV Service is reliable and comprehensive antivirus protection by subscription. Sign up and pay for the service in your providerís personal area!

Service Providerís benefits


Increased monthly income per subscriber

Service Provider positions ďantivirus as a serviceĒ as a supplementary offering for its clients, and may charge an additional fee or include the extras in monthly Internet fees.


Savings on customer support

Licensed antivirus protection installed across your client base diminishes the risk of global infection, as a result, making Tech. Support's life easier.


Decreases outbound channel load

Outpost-protected PCs will never get involved in DDoS-attacks, so System Providerís trunk channels will never get abused.

How does it work?

Contact us

Sign a contract with Agnitum

Implement the service into your billing system

Inform your customers of a new service

  • All service support activity will be performed on Agnitumís side.

  • Client base and billing period data are available to both Agnitum and Service Provider.

  • Service Provider does not incur and additional infrastructure costs.

Usersí benefits


Easy to sign up, easy to pay

Just activate the service in your personal account and get charged the same way you pay for the Internet.


Licensed protection

By enabling Outpost AV Service in your personal account, you get licensed, up-to-date protection with no functional limitations or need to browse for suspicious keys on the web. With Outpost Service you only pay when you use the protection, and you are free to customize the usage schedule.


Safe online experience

Outpost antivirus protection means accurate virus detection without false positives and effective malware clean-up.

Outpost keeps your photos, documents and emails safe from theft and exposure on the Internet.

Why Outpost?

Outpost, all-round antivirus protection for end users, has gained expert recognition across the world. Outpost detects all sorts of viruses and doesnít slow your PC down. Outpost protects your personal details from hijacking and corruption.

How does Outpost protect its users online?

  • Safeguarding private data

    With Outpost installed, your pictures, documents and emails will never end up in the wrong hands.

  • Safe online payments

    Cybertheives can not steal your credit card details since Outpost prevents data leaks and blocks spyware activity.

  • Your identity stays safe online

    Outpost defends your online life from identity theft, by storing sensitive data like login and password in a digital safe box.

  • Forget system crashes and slowdowns

    Outpost eliminates system errors and slowdowns related to virus activity by blocking all malware attempts in the first place.