Outpost Firewall Pro

A standard for firewall defense.
A must-have add-on to your antivirus.

For 15 years, Outpost Firewall Pro has set the standard for firewall protection. An award-winning solution, it consistently posts the highest industry ratings for inbound and outbound traffic protection as well as data leak prevention. All this without impacting your computer’s performance!

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Experts’ recognition:

Outpost Firewall Pro:

Keeps ports closed

Outpost keeps the main ports shut to prevent unsafe connections.

Blocks incoming targeted attacks

Outpost defends your online privacy against hackers and targeted attacks with a tailored attack detection module.

Prevents “calling home”

Outpost filters outbound traffic and prevents malware from “calling home”, or transmitting your data to hackers.

Makes PCs invisible

Outpost runs in stealth mode, so your PC appears offline to hackers and can’t respond to potentially harmful requests.

Keeps your private information private

Outpost makes sure there are no data leaks, so your files - documents, photos, videos, emails, and more - remain protected.

Forget freezes and slowdowns

Outpost stands for "quiet" protection for your PC, undemanding on computer resources. Outpost does its job and doesn't slow your system down.

What’s in Outpost Firewall Pro?


Safeguards your PC against hackers and data leaks.

Attack Detection

Prevents targeted attacks from local networks and the Internet.

Proactive Protection

Blocks new and sophisticated malware before your antivirus can identify it.

System and Application Guard

Secures IDs and passwords used with most popular applications against unauthorized access. Protects key system settings and program data from misuse.

Self-protection against malware

Outpost is equipped with proven self-protection against deactivation by malware.

System Monitor

Advanced activity monitoring shows real-time program activity and connection status.

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Personal Firewall

Proactive Protection

Site Blacklist

Web Content Blocking

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