Outpost Network Security

No security incidents at your office

Deploy and run the centrally managed Outpost Network Security to keep your SOHO/SMB network protected. A highly reliable yet easy to manage endpoint protection solution, Outpost brings control, transparency, and security to client computers, keeping workstations healthy and administrators happy.

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ONS is for you if:

Your business has
fewer than 250 workstations

Your computers are networked
and run Windows

You need centrally managed security

What’s the benefit for your business?

  • Protects your business reputation

    Sensitive data is inaccessible to hackers, so your customers’ and partners’ information remain secure and confidential.

  • Protection against technical downtime

    Outpost safeguards your enterprise against downtime that may be caused by virus attacks.

  • Financial savings

    Flexible pricing for organizations helps you cut down on your security costs.

  • Saves time for your IT staff

    Thanks to the central management, installing, updating and administrating network protection is fast and easy!

  • Free round-the-clock technical support

    We’re always here to help if you have questions or encounter a problem.

Outpost Network Security
reliable and easy-to-use network protection for SMBs.

No more security incidents!

Information is the most valuable asset your business has.
Outpost ensures the integrity of your data by providing a number of robust security mechanisms:


The VB100-certified antivirus is constantly on guard against malicious software acquired internally (e.g.. in email attachments) or externally (e.g. via an infected USB flash drive).

Two-way firewall

The award winning firewall technology ensures the security and continuity of your company’s network operations.

System Guard

System Guard enables the administrator to define a list of protected programs on the network, as well as extensive Windows settings and configuration files.

USB access lockdown

People are always the weakest link in any security system, which means that your confidential data is at risk of being copied and removed from the organization.

Web Control

Administrators can configure endpoints to proactively block access to unauthorized web pages according to keywords included in either the URL or the body of the page.

Central administration

An advanced tool for IT Service, ONS provides centrally managed security,
saving time and resources and keeping the network under control.

Effortless rollout and hands-free updates

Centralized deployment to minimize IT workload

With intuitive tools that map your organization’s network domain structure, mass deployment can be carried out in almost no time.

Online and offline updates to keep protection current

Security updates for intranet-connected machines are deployed daily from a single network repository via the Agnitum Server, a local updates server or a local folder with updated databases.

Centralized management and setup

Group segmentation for more targeted protection

Connected computers can be segmented into different groups, each with their own security properties. This helps to better target and manage protection recipients, as well as assign tougher policies for more susceptible groups.

Remote configuration for easy, hands-on management

With ONS, connected computers can be managed from any member workstation through the universal management console. Administrators can designate customized Internet access policies and specify blacklisted URLs.

Universal compatibility

Optimized hardware and software support for maximum protection

ONS provides optimized support for all current 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms, including Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Monitoring of past activity

Remote logging system for better understanding of past activity

With Outpost’s extensive logs of past endpoint activity, administrators can easily find and fix connection problems, view malware clean-up status, and access other maintenance-related information.

Outpost’s remote logger also shows a history of all past events occurring on remote machines, enabling IT staff to take appropriate actions without leaving their desks.

Better visibility into current events

Real-time control of endpoint activity for total transparency

Once your network is up and running, it’s hard to control events taking place on individual machines. Outpost deals with this limitation by providing real-time monitoring of system and network activity.

With this convenient tool, administrators can see which sites are being accessed and what programs are currently active on any computer on the network. This also enables administrators to quickly edit existing access policies for the target hosts.

Lightweight protection that stays on all the time

Unauthorized termination prevention guarantees continuity of protection

Outpost protection cannot be switched off by targeted termination attacks, meaning your networked clients are protected round the clock.

Faster, resource-friendly operation with SmartScan

Thanks to many optimizations and unique performance-boosting technologies, Outpost endpoint protection is performed in the background without using vital system resources.

Here’s how ONS can protect your network:

  • Scans all computers on the network for malware, individually or in a single session

  • Keeps track of web browsing, so employees don’t access inappropriate or dangerous sites

  • Applies general firewall rules to ensure ports are closed if a targeted attack occurs

  • Blocks USB devices to prevent data leaks

  • Monitors network and local activity on each workstation for unauthorized processes

Experts’ recognition:

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Product Profile

  • Version: 3.2 (3425.520.1245)

  • Size (MB): 183 (x86) / 187 (x64)

  • Supported platforms: Client side/server side: all 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms (Windows 2000 SP4, XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista (incl. SP2), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7).

  • Hardware: 500 MHz or faster CPU(x-86/x-64/multi-core), 256Mb RAM, 100MB free disk space.

  • Datasheet (PDF)
  • Administrator Guide (PDF)
  • Installation Notes (PDF)

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