Outpost Security Suite FREE

Fully functional. Lightweight. Free.

Outpost Security Suite FREE is a free version of Agnitum’s all-in-one antivirus security suite. Outpost FREE protects against viruses, hackers and data theft– all you need to stay protected.

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Here’s how Outpost Security Suite Free protects you online

Virus-free environment

Outpost Free detects and removes all types of viruses at no cost.

Private data stays private

Outpost Free keeps your documents, photos, videos, and email protected, so no-one except you can access them.

Secure online payments

Don’t be afraid to use your credit card on the web! With Outpost Free installed, your financial account information is completely inaccessible to hackers and cyber-thieves.

No slowdowns, no interruptions

Outpost Free gives you lightweight, resource-friendly protection, so you can forget about the system issues and slowdowns often associated with security software.

What’s in the product?


Industry-certified antivirus fights all types of viruses with impressive speed and detection rates.


Makes sure your computer is safe against unauthorized access and targeted attacks.

Proactive Protection

Blocks unknown viruses and suspicious programs before they can infect your system.

Mail Scanner

Checks your inbox for infected attachments and keeps your email and your computer free of viruses.

Check out the look of your Internet Security!

OSS Free vs OSS Pro

What’s inside

Outpost Security Suite Pro

Outpost Security Suite Free

All-round antivirus

Best-of-breed personal firewall

Cutting-edge proactive protection

Safe web surfing

Support for multiple languages

Unique ID theft prevention

Priority updates

Free technical support

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Product Profile

  • Release date: April 4, 2011

  • Version: 7.1.1 (3431.520.1248)

  • Size (MB): 94.8 (x86) / 104.3 (x64)

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