Outpost Security Suite Pro

Detects everything, slows nothing

Outpost Security Suite is an all-in-one antivirus security package that protects against all types of viruses, prevents hackers from stealing your data, keeps your web surfing safe – and doesn’t slow your PC down.

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Here’s how Outpost Security Suite Pro
makes your digital life better:

Keeps your confidential data private

Outpost protects your photos, documents, email, and other private content from corruption, theft or exposure on the web. Your privacy is our top priority.

Your identity stays safe online

You don’t want the bad guys to break into your Facebook or Instagram account, do you? Outpost defends your online life from identity theft, so no one can hijack your profile or alter your personal information.

Secure online payments

With Outpost installed, you can rest assured that your credit card accounts are safe. Outpost prevents data leaks so cyber-thieves can’t steal your payment data. Enjoy secure online shopping and banking!

Forget system crashes and slowdowns

A common indication of a virus infection is everything getting really slooooooow. Outpost eliminates system errors and slowdowns related to virus activity by blocking all malware attempts in the first place.

What’s in the product?


Accurate detection and fast scanning
speed – all you need to keep your PC free from malware.


Safeguards your PC from hacker attacks and data leaks.

Proactive Protection

Blocks new and sophisticated malware
even before your antivirus can identify it.

Mail Scanner

Makes sure your inbox is free from viruses,
so you get good news instead of nasty surprises.


You probably see quite enough advertising elsewhere, so we filter webpages for you to improve web browsing speeds. Just get the information you want and forget about all that unnecessary content on the web.

Cloud analyzer

Studies the behavior of various programs on a user PC in order to keep current security policies up to date.

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What’s inside

Security Suite




Personal Firewall

Proactive Protection

Site Blacklist

Web Content Blocking

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